Could we have imagined before that the thing we need would not necessarily be chasing all over the city? Today, you can buy anything on the Internet – from ingredients to Japanese rolls to a Yorkshire terrier puppy. Online shopping saves you a lot of time and energy, eliminating the need to travel around the city in search of the perfect dress or gift for your husband. Besides, it will absolutely give you a lot of positive energy and emotions. We will tell you how to do everything right and not spoil your shopping pleasure.

Always be careful

While shopping online, it is not easy to control yourself: there is always the temptation to buy and spend more than planned. Try not to rush through the checkout process and carefully choose what you really need.

Compare products, if possible, add them to the list of “Wishful purchases” (almost all sites today offer such options) in order to weigh the pros and cons. Research shows that for many shoppers, the buying decision process takes place on the cart page. Be careful – not all online stores provide at this stage detailed information about products, their characteristics, photos, and links to their full description.

How to check the reliability of a store

If you need to buy an item in a new store, first ask your friends and colleagues about it. Even if friends know about the store and recommend it, it’s better not to buy things in advance for the first time – pay only after inspecting the goods during delivery.

The store’s website must contain contacts – phone number and e-mail, as well as full information on the terms of payment and return of goods. For instance, if you look at the Frank & Eileen Collection on Unplungged Bayron Bay website, you’ll see all the information. A reliable store always provides information on delivery, its cost, and timing. It is worth paying attention to the reviews about the store: it is important that they are not only positive. The absence of negative and neutral reviews should raise suspicions – either the store removes them, or writes reviews itself. Delivery with fitting and the ability to order many items of several sizes at once will be a pleasant bonus.

How to choose the right size

Each online store has a size chart for a particular brand of clothing. In order not to miscalculate with the size, you must first take measurements from yourself. The tables usually indicate the following parameters: chest girth, waist girth, hips girth – for women; chest circumference, waist circumference – for men. When ordering, you can choose the fitting option and add two similar sizes to choose the one that suits you.

Checking the quality of a product

When buying clothes and shoes from online stores, it is important to pay attention to the composition and materials. First, you should read the description of the product, then zoom in on the image of the thing. When approaching, the fibers of the fabric are usually clearly visible – this way you can determine the density of the material and its approximate composition. If you still have doubts about the quality, we recommend reading the customer reviews – you can find useful information in them that you will not find even in the description. For example, users often write that the color in the photo is different from the real one, that the thing is too small or too small, that the fabric looks expensive or cheap.

What is the best way to pay

It is best to pay for goods during delivery or after fitting if the online store provides such an option. In case of prepayment, there is a risk that the goods will not be delivered or will be delivered with a delay. It is worth carefully inspecting the goods with the courier for defects and damages, as well as trying on the item – to make sure that the size really fits. Only then can you pay.

Cash on delivery is good for online payment process

What you need for successful online shopping

  1. It is important to draw up a shopping list in advance so as not to buy too much.
  2. It is worth carefully studying the terms of delivery and return at the stage of ordering.
  3. Better to order clothes and shoes with fitting options. We recommend ordering two sizes at once in order to choose the right one.
  4. You need to carefully read the description, pay attention to the composition of the thing and how the thing looks on a person.
  5. When ordering, it is important to read detailed customer reviews – this will help you learn more about the store and product.

How to choose clothes on the Internet?

Choosing clothes also has its own peculiarities. In advertising images, clothes may look a bit different than in reality, but you can reduce the percentage of disappointment to a minimum if you carefully follow certain rules.

The cut

The best idea is to choose from a cut that is already familiar to you. For example, if you have worn regular shirts your whole life, then it is better not to risk ordering a slim fit online, especially if the item cannot be tried on before buying. You need to be especially careful with trousers, jackets, outerwear. Here knitted jumpers and T-shirts most often fit on any figure, if they are, of course, the right size.


Each online store may have specifics of sizing. It is worth studying them carefully. It is advisable that the size table is as detailed as possible: the volume of the chest, waist, hips, leg length, etc. are indicated.

Paying attention to the height and size of the model advertising the garment will help you better understand how the garment will fit you. Shoes and bras deserve special attention. In the former, sellers often do not indicate the stopping volume, in the latter, the depth of the cup. Therefore, it is worth looking for customer reviews.