Do you like the idea of wearing rings, but aren’t show where to wear them? Read here to learn how to wear rings on both hands.

When it comes to wearing rings, the current trend is ‘the more the merrier’. Sporting one simple ring, on one hand, is a thing of the past – today you’ll want to adorn both hands with a variety of different jewels and styles.

However, with so many different ways of wearing rings on both hands, it can be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re not used to wearing so many. What if you overdo it? What if your hands simply look silly?

Not sure exactly how to wear rings on both hands? Read on for our guide on rocking rings on both hands. It’s time to join the finger party!

Wear Rings on Different Fingers

Wearing rings on certain fingers can give special meaning or can offer a certain type of look. The best way to experiment wearing rings on both hands is to mix up wearing rings on different fingers. Here’s the best way to decorate the different fingers you have.

Little Finger

A ring perched on your little finger looks fun and cheerful. As it’s your smallest finger, wide bands work well contrasted on a dainty pinky. And if you’re wearing a wedding band and engagement ring on the left hand, balancing a ring on your right pinky is a great way to start the trend of wearing multiple rings.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is the largest finger on each hand, so finding a ring to wear on the middle fingers can generally be quite difficult. If you do decide to wear a ring on the middle finger, opting for a slim band is a good idea as it won’t get in the way of other rings you’re wearing.

Ring Finger

We all know the ring finger as the one traditionally used for wedding bands and engagement rings. Depending on your culture and background, it usually communicates your marital and relationship status to others.

Traditionally, one would wear both the engagement ring and wedding band stacked on the same finger. Usually, the wedding band is placed on the finger first, followed by the engagement ring.

If you’re married, this classy trend is an easy way to start experimenting with wearing rings on both hands. Choose a selection of other rings that complement your wedding band and engagement ring to wear on your right hand. Usually, most other styles will look great paired with the wedding band and engagement ring stack.

For maximum impact and emotional power, stack an eternity ring with the wedding and engagement ring, if you have one. All three special stacked rings can’t fail to draw the eye!

Index Finger

Did you know that royalty tends to wear rings on their index fingers? This may be because traditionally a ring on the index finger may bear a royal seal to mark melted wax seals on documents.

So, if you wear a ring on your index finger, one might assume you communicate confidence, status, and wealth!

The index finger is very visible and prominent, so is a great option for ring placement. Rock the royal look and make a statement with a large ring perched on your index finger, matched with a mix of other rings across your hands.


Wearing a ring on the thumb may look uncomfortable, but it’s a ring trend that’s surprisingly secure. It’s a little unconventional, making it a stylish and unique look to showcase.

Impress with Statement Rings

As mentioned, opting for a statement ring offers big impact and suggests confidence in your character.

While you can go bold and choose several different statement rings to wear on both hands, the look works best when one finger shines with a statement ring. Dress the opposite hand with less dramatic rings, so your statement ring stands out and steals the limelight.

The best part about opting for a statement ring is that any type of ring can be the star of the show – if it’s a dramatic piece. Choose the metal, stone, style, or shape that suits your tastes. It can be as cheap or as pricy as you like too – it doesn’t need to carry a precious stone or be crafted with gold or silver.

Gemvara offers a huge selection of stunning statement rings ranging from spectacular multi-stone rings to eye-catching cluster rings.

Opt for Elegant Bands

More of a minimalist? If you want to ease into the trend of wearing rings on both hands, opting for wearing various simple bands is a good place to start. After all, it can be a bit scary going straight into the trend with statement rings!

There are many simple and elegant bands in all types of metal available. Choose a selection of similar styles and dress up both hands with them for a classy yet stylish look.

Try not to match them all exactly otherwise your hands will look too cohesive and uninteresting. However, don’t have a chaotic mix of styles either as this could look messy. Balance is key!

Go for a range of sizes and shapes. Delicate and thin rings offer a sophisticated look while keeping on-trend, and thicker rings will help balance out the look. Don’t forget that perfectly-polished manicure for ultimate elegance!

Go Minimalistic

There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to choose a minimalist design like Meteorite Ring for your hands.

First up is the fact that minimalist ring designs look gorgeous on your hands.  You can find an endless variety of styles and colours, so no matter what kind of personality you have, there’s a ring out there that will suit you perfectly.

The second reason is that they’re extremely comfortable—especially compared to traditional rings with lots of stones or decorations, which can feel heavy and uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time.

Finally, wearing minimalist rings makes people want to be around you: not only do they look good on your hands (which is always a plus), but they also make other people want to be around you because they know how unique and special your style is.

Choosing a minimalist ring design for your hands can be a great way to show off your personality and show that you’re a creative, forward-thinking person.

Stack ‘Em Up

If you’re wondering how to wear multiple rings on one hand, as mentioned earlier, the trend of ring stacking is a fabulous way to showcase your style.

The trick is to wear several rings on the same finger for optimum style points.

It’s a great opportunity for self-expression. Experiment stacking different types of rings until you achieve a ring-stacking look you love.

Try mixing chunky rings with thinner bands to add another dimension to your fingers. For a real show-stopping look, team your stacked ring look with a statement cuff or stacked bangles and bracelets to pile on the sparkle.

Have you got a cute finger or hand tattoo that you love to show off? Arrange your stacked rings around it so they complement one another – it will be a well-thought outlook that’s both hip and stylish.

Complete the look with a coating of colorful lacquer.

Experiment with Midi-Rings

Rings are no longer limited to sitting on the base of your fingers. Midi-rings are modern rings that are worn half-way up the finger or lie closer to the tip of your fingers.

Perched on the end of your pinky, they look especially adorable. And not only do they look funky and interesting, but they also elongate the fingers making them appear delicate and dainty.

Experiment with midi-ringers to give your digits on both hands a jazzy and unique style.

They can be worn on any finger, including the thumb. Just be sure to choose a size and style that sits comfortably and safely on your finger – you don’t want your lovely midi-ring to slip off, after all!

Mix and Match Trends

As well as midi-rings and the ring-stacking trend, there are plenty of other ring trends to give character to both your hands.

Rings that open at the front are a cute and unique option incorporate into your jewelry look. They give great contrast as they offer space on the hand so it doesn’t look full, which can easily happen if you’re wearing several rings on both hands.

Likewise, a multi-finger ring is an interesting statement piece to wear on one hand. It’s best to wear a multi-finger piece on its own on one hand and to wear another ring or two on the opposite hand so the look isn’t too overwhelming.

Go ahead and mix and match ring trends together on both hands – you’ll become the epitome of uber-cool! Just be sure to balance them out across your fingers so your hands don’t look too busy.

How to Wear Rings on Both Hands

With our guidance, now you know how to wear rings on both hands with class and style!

With so many varieties and combinations of rocking rings on both hands, it’s a trend that’s highly personal – so go ahead and own the look.

Wear those eye-watering sparkly gemstones, and pop on those randomly mixed and matched rings. Wearing multiple rings is a strong and bold look so make it your own and rock the trend in any way that suits you.

The secret is that the trend of wearing rings on both hands is luckily one that’s difficult to get wrong. Now enjoy getting those fingers Instagram-worthy!

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