Playing with your wardrobe pieces is fun and exciting—that is until you realize that something is missing to complete the look. The right pairing of dress and heels can make someone look more attractive, but jewelry is what makes them ready to show off. As one of the best, most universal, and timeless pieces of fashion, jewelry has found its way into people’s daily fashion ensembles. It can vary from bracelets to earrings, hairpins, necklaces and pendants, bangles and brooches; but, most importantly, diamond rings. There’s always a perfect ring for every woman.

These accessories can be made of the finest stones, but a diamond isn’t like any other. Diamonds reflect elegance, boldness, and brilliance with shining edges. No matter how they’re placed in jewelry, they always look natural and authentic. In fact, diamond rings deserve a special place on a woman’s finger during any and every occasion.


On a couple’s most special day, diamond rings can be the best symbol of their love for each other. Starting from the day they were engaged, rings made of diamond are ideal and full of symbolism. Whenever people see a woman wearing a diamond ring, they can safely assume that she’s betrothed to another. But how did diamond rings become a symbol of romantic love?

Diamond, originating from the Greek word “adamas,” means unbreakable, and unalterable, which can partly explain why diamonds are popular in weddings. In Greek mythology, Cupid, the god of desire, was depicted to have arrows with diamond tips that bring two people together when hit, causing them to feel romantic love, desire, and affection for one another.

The popularity of diamonds can also be attributed to every woman’s desire of owning diamond jewelry; that’s why engagement rings made from diamond are offered to them as a sign of commitment.

To wear your diamond rings on your wedding day, your engagement ring should be transferred to your right hand’s ring finger. Consequently, your husband will place the wedding ring on your left hand’s ring finger during the ceremony itself. This practice began in Egyptian wedding ceremonies, wherein it is believed that the vein in your left ring finger is the one closely connected to your heart.

The stone in diamond wedding rings are usually sized from medium to large, so if you still want to keep it on your hand after your wedding, you can opt to customize a new one with smaller stones. You can use the wedding ring as a diamond bracelet or necklace pendant instead. Every time you leave the house, you can consider wearing the original wedding ring again.


Diamond rings are only ideal for daily wear when you’re going to work with the intention to flash those studs outside. Diamonds reflect your femininity and sophistication; pairing them with your corporate attire can enhance your professional appearance. The best type of diamond rings to wear for work are engagement or wedding rings rather than cocktail rings, as the latter tend to be bigger, flashier, and more sparkly. Small-stoned diamond rings are more manageable when you want to boost your style and confidence. Naturally, you wouldn’t fancy unwanted attention at work with gaudy diamond pieces.

However, if you’re more of the type to stay at home, you can still wear it on your finger but make sure to remove them when running errands or doing chores, such as cooking, washing your hands, washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. Remember to clean your diamond ring regularly if you forget to remove them during chores.

Christmas and Other Holidays

One of the best times of the year to wear diamond rings is during Christmas, where the ambiance is as sparkly as the diamond stones. Adding a touch of small diamond stones around your ring will look flawless and celebrative at the same time, as each strike of light creates a scattering effect of beams reflected on the stones.

During New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s also a good time to flash those shimmering stones while watching fireworks displays with your family, friends, and loved ones. Diamond rings during New Year celebrations are best to pair with a nice, minimal two-piece dress and a diamond necklace with large diamond stones at the center. In this way, you’re focusing the attention of your attire onto your diamond accessories that complement the occasion excellently.

Birthday Celebrations

Having get-togethers during birthdays with your loved ones can happen rarely. During special celebrations such as birthdays, special stones can be worn, too. Birthday celebrations are a good opportunity to gather people you haven’t seen for a while to unwind and recollect memorable moments with them. The key to diamonds and birthday celebrations is to tone it down. Everyone’s attention is focused on the celebrant and the celebration itself, so wear diamond pieces, especially rings, minimally.


For every occasion, diamond rings showcase different personalities of the wearer that blend well with the celebration. Diamonds are truly one of the most versatile, timeless, and most elegant fashion pieces worn in history. After years and years of changing trends in fashion, there’s no doubt that diamond rings will remain strong and loved by everyone.