Indian weddings are known for the numerous traditions which reflect its rich culture. One of the ceremonies associated with this celebration is ‘mehndi’ ceremony. It has very much importance and people consider it auspicious. They also believe that mehndi is a medicinal herb which relaxes the mind and releases the stress. Apart from all the beliefs and many reasons, mehndi ceremony is joyous and fun. It still holds its importance in the changing times when there are a lot of new inclusions in Indian weddings. The significance of the mehndi ceremony has only grown in stature. In fact, India and South Asian countries are not the only one which loves to apply mehndi, people across the globe has started founding it attractive.

According to custom, bride and groom both apply mehndi on hands and legs. Bridal mehndi is more intricate with detailed figures, trumpets, peacock designs and a lot more. Nowadays, bridal hand mehndi designs have different themes that display the wedding ceremony in a glimpse.  Also, some prefer delicate designs. So, here is the collection of all stunning and different bridal hand mehndi designs.

1. This is one of the most incredible designs with detailed figure of Radha-Krishna (collectively known as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of God) and displaying the most important ritual in which groom puts Sindoor. Also the wedding Sanskrit chants are written on the wrist.

mehendi design for your weddding day

2. From centuries, women find peacocks, feathers and flower mehndi designs very fascinating to decorate their hands. And with this delicate mehndi design it looks just WOW!

mehendi design for your wedding day

3. This is one pure traditional bridal hand mehndi design with lot of  spiral Keri designs and checks. You can also see the name of groom written on the bride’s palm. This is a tradition where groom finds his name on the bride’s hand which is usually hidden.

mehendi designs for your wedding day

4. This is a combination design and perfect for those who doesn’t like very heavy designs. The heart created by joining hands looks stunning with the embossed style filling inside.


5. This gorgeous design can make anyone gaze in awe. It definitely needs patience from both, artist and bride, to create such detailed and neat design.


6. Opt for traditional floral mehndi design and fill the space with recurring designs. This is comparatively easy yet attractive.


7. Such immaculate perfection! The figure of bride and groom in a joining heart is a great idea.


8. Less is more! This design is not filling arms upto elbow but the exquisite design is enough to spread the charm.



9. Looks like bridal hand mehndi designs with heart can never go wrong for the big occassion!


10. You can find all the mehndi design elements like flowers, leaves, keris and checks that makes any traditional mehndi complete and beautiful.