A lot of people are against getting inked because they don’t want to feel regretful, later in their life, whenever they look at it. Although, a lot of people have an obsession of getting tattoos and they don’t think a lot before getting one. For them, tattoos play significant role for keeping a memory preserved or showing love to someone or for self-motivation. And such are the significant of Henna tattoos. More to that, it represents blessings, strength and freedom.

The best part about Henna designs is that they are temporary. And easy to remove. So, you can redraw your inspiration again and again at same place in different ways possible. Sketching flower designs, mandala, floral, ornate and freestyle has been in trend since ancient times. Crafting henna tattoos on palms and arms is the most common practice and been followed since ancient times. But with time goes by people also started applying the same on legs and lately, in the modern world, on back and thighs. And believe us, henna tattoos on thigh looks stunning and cool. If you don’t believe us, then have a look at these henna designs and it will change your mind.

1. Oriental Art Leg Henna

Oriental Art Thigh Henna tattoo


2. Thigh Henna Design

Thigh Henna Design


3. Thigh Mandala Tattoo

Thigh Heena Mandala tattoo


4. Elegant Full-Thigh Mehndi

Elegant Thigh Heena Design


5. Beautifully Crafted Thigh Henna Design

Beautifully Crafted Thigh Henna Design


6. These Cluster of Floral Henna Designs

Cluster of Floral Henna Designs for Thigh


7. Impromptu Mandala Flower Henna Design

Impromptu Mandala Flower Henna Design


8. Exceptionally Designed Thigh Henna Art

Exceptionally Designed


9. Lace Henna Design on Thigh



10. Henna Design for Both Thighs

Design for Both Thighs


11. Mandala Flower For Your Thigh

Mandala Flower


12. Cute Thigh Mehndi Design

Cute Design


13. These Small Crescent Shapes

These Small Crescent Shapes


14. Elegant Thigh Henna Design with Lion and Floral Elements

Henna design on a thigh featuring a lion's face with flowers, a paper airplane, and a compass.


Isn’t it they were amazingly beautiful. You will no doubt be praised for this body art work. And people won’t hesitate to get obsessed with this henna tattoo on your thigh. Let us know which design you liked the best or share your work with us by commenting below.

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