Be it Instagram or Pinterest, people follow the henna trends so religiously.  The plethora of designs all over the internet is the proof of it. As earlier, it was applied on the auspicious occasions followed by religious beliefs but now it has taken the form of an art and fashion. Henna artists produce unique designs, displaying innovation and creativity which is not restricted to palms but also to different areas of body. The fashion forwards love to experiment where they prefer back henna tattoos, shoulder and arm henna tattoos and even henna on neck. It’s only a temporary dye that just sits on the surface of the skin. Unlike real ones like blackout tattoos, you are essentially having an entire section of your body colored in. It involves a lot of ink and is permanent on your skin.

With the traditional intricate designs, young girls also go for designs that are different to create a style statement. In vogue are designs like mandala, motifs, necklace patterns and lotus. They are surely giving the traditional henna, a contemporary edge which exhibits the proper concoction of both. And to flaunt such awesome designs, back is definitely the first choice. Hence, we have collected the most stunning designs that will certainly make it’s lovers go wow!

1. Attractive lotus henna tattoo for back.

Attractive lotus henna tattoo for back


2. Artistic henna design for back.

Artistic henna design for back

3. Back necklace henna design.

back necklace henna design

4. Beautiful motif henna tattoo.

Beautiful flower henna tattoo

5. Chic pattern for back.

chic pattern for back

6. Amazing full back henna.

Amazing full back henna


7. Embellished back henna design.

Embellished back henna

8. Flower henna for back.

Flower henna for back

9. Freehand flowers and leaves henna design.

Freehand flowers and leaves

10. Intricate henna design for back.

intricate henna design for back

11. Intricate traditional henna tattoo for back.

Intricate traditional tattoo for back

12. Lotus henna tattoo for back.

Lotus for back

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13. Lovely back henna pattern.

lovely pattern

14. Pretty mandala back henna tattoo.

Pretty tattoo

15. Simply stylish back henna lotus.

Simply stylish otus

Let us know which design are you going to try first in the comment section below.