Indian wedding card designs have been popular for long time but are very common with similar hues, damask pattern and motif of a deity on the card. Times have changed and new generation has shown great keenness and enthusiasm to have specific theme or idea to be a base for their wedding cards. However, the theme can be a traditional or one with a modern twist. And as wedding cards are the first impression you will make on your guests, it has to be perfect.

In Indian wedding cards, you can experiment with papers, printing techniques and lots more. There is no limit to creativity. So, here are some very unique and creative Wedding Card designs, you must consider before finalizing your wedding card.

1. Scroll Wedding Cards

Scroll cards add a royal feel as it marks the age old tradition when the scrolls were used by erstwhile kings for sending messages. So if you are planning to have a royal kind of wedding these scroll invites are just a perfect idea for your wedding theme. The traditional roll-open cards will help you recreate the majestic and the royal nostalgia in your wedding.

Scroll type


2. Unconventional Wedding Cards With Conventional Indian Designs

With the evolving modern age Indian society, Indian wedding cards have also become unique and innovative. Amalgamation of conventional designs with modern style is a great combination. The people, who are experimental in nature can select some non-conventional base colors for their Wedding Invitations along with some off-beat designing.


3. Elegant Wedding Cards With Center-Piece Embellishment

If you hesitate experimenting and still want your wedding card to be out of the regular traditional series then go for the fusion. Add some embellishments to spice up the card. You could even create rich effects by exploring with different styles of printing. Gold foiling or embossing will give a beautiful finish to the card. Also, the rich and deeper hues would work very well if you want a royal wedding card design.

Royal Card With Brooch

4. Experiment With Bright Colours

The typical Indian Wedding Invites have always been more or less the same old pattern. Nowadays people are experimenting with more bright colours and designing cards with fusion of modern and traditional themes. But these cards must have the right choice of paper, colours and font to make it look very chic. Use bright colour palettes which surely compliment colourful Indian weddings with cultural elements and designs like lotus and peacock.

Bright Flowers

5. Wedding Card With Marigolds!

Marigolds, also known as gaindas are considered auspicious in many cultures in the Indian subcontinent. This bright flower symbolizes peace, prosperity and reflects the colours of auspicious items like the sindoor and haldi used in many weddings. So, it could be a great idea to incorporate it in your wedding card as well!

Marigold Inspired designs

6. Traditional Indian Prop As A Wedding Card

Indian weddings are full of colour and bling and there are plenty of elements from which you can draw inspiration for your wedding card design. Below you can see the traditional elements inspired wedding cards – Hand Fan and Drum. This is indeed a cool idea for those who want their invitation to be unusual and unforgettable!

Indian Prop

7. Wedding Invites Involving Famous Painting Prints or Couple Caricature

There are other elements like the baraat or shenai which have been used to design Indian wedding cards from yesteryears. You can still use them by executing them differently. Go for a personalized design like a couple caricature or Madhubani invites with Indian figures, they are super unique, and all the rage. These new age ideas ensure that people talk about your Invite just as much as your wedding !

cartoon style

8. Wedding Cards Inspired From Mehndi Designs

Applying Mehndi is one of the oldest tradition in Indian weddings as it represents the bond of matrimony and is therefore, considered a shagun (sign of good luck). It also signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families. So, it can be a nice idea to design your wedding card with beautiful Henna designs that bring charm as well as luck.

Mehndi Design


9. Wedding Cards With Peacock Feathers Design And Ribbon

Having Indian motifs on a very modern card is a lovely blend of styles if you are looking to strike the right balance by not being too western or Indian. A hint of Indian element must be there such as peacock design or it’s feathers. You can also choose to tie a ribbon with similar hues. Such cards will definitely look rich with cultural elements incorporated in interesting ways.

Peacock and ribbon

10. Vintage Wedding Cards

Your wedding card is the first thing to make an impression of your wedding theme and hence to make it right is of prime importance. So, Vintage wedding cards have to make into your list, if you are going for Vintage chic weddings which are becoming popular because of an elegant display of old world charm with a modern twist. Nothing can give a better idea of your theme then the striking, different and beautifully fitting vintage wedding cards for a vintage wedding!

Vintage Effect

11. Wedding Cards With Laser Cut Design

Laser cut designs are just right for those who love elegant and sophisticated designs.  They give you too many options for your wedding card and there is no end to how innovative you can get with it.

Laser Cut Designs

We hope these ideas will help you in selecting your perfect Indian wedding card!