A wedding is indeed the most special day in the life of a couple. No doubt, the bride and the groom go extra lengths to make their day count. From venue to food, a good deal of attention goes into every detail. 

Music constitutes an essential detail in weddings. After all, it brings energy and all the fun. If you are pondering over having live music at your wedding, we are here to help. Every couple dreams of having their wedding day execute flawlessly and therefore must make sure they follow all the right steps in the planning phase. So here is your guide to hiring the best wedding band for your wedding

Determine what you want 

Before you begin hunting for the best wedding band for your wedding, make sure you know what you want. Indie, jazz, ballroom, Latin, classical, rock & roll, soul/funk, pop, and the list goes on. Sit with your partner and decide on the genre. You might have disagreements over the kind of music you want to play at your wedding. It is better to tend to these issues beforehand. 

Furthermore, also keep the mood of the wedding and age of your guests in mind while selecting the genre. 

Research well 

Guests love live music. It is engaging and fun. Hence, there is no shortage of live bands willing to infuse melodies at weddings. But more options can equal more confusion. Hence, you must research well so you can avoid common mistakes and choose the best option. 

Make a list of the best wedding bands you know (that play the genre you have selected) and keep adding to the list. Seek recommendations from your family and friends and check on the internet. Your party planner might make things easy for you but remain in the loop. 

Once you have the list, dig deep into the details of each band.

Have one on one with the band 

Meet all the potential bands and discuss all your concerns at lengths. Make a list of things you need to discuss with the band beforehand. 

You should know about the kind of music they like to play, the number of band members, the instruments available, special songs they play (if any), and more. Additionally, also tell them about the playlist you have in mind. 

Furthermore, ask them about the hours included in the contract and any overtime fee you might incur. 

Prioritize hiring a professional 

While it could be tempting to get that one talented cousin or an uncle a shot at playing music at your wedding and it would also make a few family members happy, this day is too big and important to take chances. Consider skipping the leap of faith for the big day and choose a professional. 

The difference between a hobbyist and professional can seem small in terms of their ability to play music but the difference is much bigger. A professional has experience in working a room and getting the room involved in their performance. On the other hand, they can also blend in the background and let the ceremonies take the spotlight. Such adaptability is only possible when someone has experience performing multiple gigs in front of a variety of audiences with different tastes and preferences.

When you hire a professional, that is one less thing to worry about on your wedding day since they have done this multiple times before with success. So choose wisely.

Hear them live 

Once you have shortlisted the bands based on your first meeting, hear the remaining bands live. Attend their live performance or request them to give a demo performance.

Experiencing their music live will help you understand the tone the band is likely to set at your wedding day. 

While listening to them, pay close attention to details like their volume, transition between the songs, etc. 

Have a playlist but also let the band take over

Create your own wedding playlist. Include all the songs you enjoy dancing at and expect your guests to equally enjoy. But also allow the band to experiment with their music. 

The best wedding bands gauge the taste of the audience within the first few minutes and play the music that the guests enjoy. 

Have a not-to-play list

There might be certain types of music styles or song choices that your mix of guests would not enjoy. Your hired band will appreciate a head up with such information. 

The music largely affects the mood of the room so it is best to have a run through the entire list of music that the band is planning to play. 

Discuss about breaks 

Of course, the band members would like to take breaks and have something to eat and drink in between. It would be good to discuss the meals beforehand and understand how they are going to rotate on the breaks. 

Usually the breaks would be decided based on the duration you want them to play for each event and the gaps between the events that they get. It can also be decided by the intensity of the performance. For example, if it is upbeat music and people are going to dance then the band needs to pump the energy of the room and therefore would use more performance power. On the other hand, if it is ambience music that is meant to maintain the mood of the room, then the intensity is going to be low and they will have ample energy at the end of the session.

The bottom line 

The entire wedding celebration is etched for life in memories of the couple and the guests present at the wedding. While the whole ceremony keeps adding valuable memories to the guests, food and music are at the heart of every wedding experience. When you follow the right steps and hire the ideal band for you, it will add the perfect touch to your wedding that will accentuate everything else that you have put together.

Use these tips to hire the best band for your wedding, and make sure you create the best memories to cherish for a lifetime.