After two years of postponed and downsized nuptial ceremonies, weddings are back and they feel more joyful than ever. 2022 was undoubtedly a historic year for weddings worldwide, with the US alone recording 2.6 million weddings. That translates to 7,123 weddings every day and over 200 million people attending one, according to the Knot. With more couples breaking traditions and opting for customization, the wedding boom will continue throughout 2023.
New trends are also emerging as brides and grooms focus on breaking wedding traditions, centering their nuptials around personalities and love stories. Wedding planners predict that this move will create room for a significant shift from the conventional wedding look and feel. If you’re planning to tie the knot this year, understanding which trends are in is key to make your wedding day unique. Keep reading to get insights into wedding trends that will be popular this year.

Maximalist Wedding

One of the most notable wedding trends is a shift from the less-is-more approach to maximalism. Wedding maximalism revolves around luxury and over-the-top details that make any nuptial ceremony unique and memorable for couples and their guests. Maximalist weddings embrace doing more of everything. For instance, you and your partner can use lots of different textures, colors, and patterns in the decorations. You could also go maximalist with the food, wedding attire, or overall theme of the day.
The beauty of maximalist weddings is that they give everyone present the opportunity to let loose and engage in memorable experiences. Plus, planning for a maximalist wedding isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As a general rule of thumb, choose a venue that allows you to think beyond traditional seating arrangements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match color, patterns, and design elements for your wedding decoration, and choose a dress code that inspires guests to have fun with distinct patterns and colors. Also, dress to impress by embracing bold prints, vibrant colors, and other elements that match your personality.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses Will be Popular

In a typical wedding, bridesmaids wear the same type of dress or gown chosen by the bride. This year, couples will shift from this norm by giving their bridesmaids the freedom to choose different dress designs and colors. With the freedom to choose their attire, we can expect the bridal party to dress in bright hues of pink, yellow, and orange.
Cool shades like blue and green, jewel tones, purple, and neutrals will also be popular. Apart from different colors, bridesmaids will also opt for unique patterns and textures, or they’ll use the same print but with different dress styles. The flowers aren’t limited to the same style or color too. Wedding planners expect bridal bouquets will be colorful, mixed with blooms in red, pink, and purple shades. Choosing mismatched bridesmaid dress designs and colors along with colorful bouquets adds chic aesthetics to your overall wedding theme. According to San Diego florist Jennifer Cole, choosing mismatched bridesmaid dress designs and colors along with colorful bouquets adds chic aesthetics to your overall wedding theme. It also allows your bridesmaids to show off their personal tastes.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable weddings have been popular over the last two years, and they’re here to stay. But there’s something different about sustainable nuptials in 2023. Couples aren’t just focusing on biodegradable cutlery as sustainability is in everything, from wedding attire to decoration, and even engagement rings. Whether you plan to settle for a maximalist or minimalist wedding style, making eco-conscious choices for your big day is easier than before.  When organizing an eco-friendly wedding, look for a venue with environmental or sustainable features like solar panels, vegetable and fruit gardens, water conservation policies, and composting facilities.
Wedding menus can feature plant-based meals, as they have less impact on the environment compared to meat-based options. You’ll also want to choose eco-friendly decoration made from recycled paper, bamboo, and potted plants to minimize waste. Also, sign contracts with eco-conscious vendors, like catering services that use organic ingredients or photographers who use digital cameras instead of film. You can also select wedding gowns or suits from designers that focus on sustainability. Examples of eco-conscious wedding dress brands, according to Vogue, are Lost in Paris, Mother of Pearl, Celia Grace, and Reformation.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings Gain Popularity

Making an eco-conscious choice when shopping for engagement rings or wedding bands may seems unrealistic, but it’s possible. Instead of natural diamonds, couples can now choose lab grown diamond engagement rings. Lab grown diamonds eliminate the need to extract diamond from the earth, thus reducing the distraction of natural resources and carbon emissions. Apart from being environmentally friendly, lab grown diamonds offer benefits like affordability and guarantee the same striking look as natural diamonds.
Like when shopping for rings made of natural diamond, there are several considerations when choosing diamond rings for an engagement or wedding ceremony. Artificial diamonds are perfect additions to your custom engagement or wedding ring. It is, therefore, crucial to explore design options that show off your personality. Keep in mind that you can opt for halo, three stone, sapphire side stone, or vintage-inspired diamond rings style. It’s also possible to design your own lab-grown diamond wedding band that best suits your love story, budget, and style.

Blurry-Motion Photography Gains Attention

It’s worth noting changing trends influence wedding photography styles. For instance, at the height of the Pinterest era, every couple wanted unconventional angles and sepia-toned images. A few years later, couples shifted to a bright, airy photography style that focused on many poses and soft lighting. This year, flash photography and blur-motion photos will take center stage because many couples are no longer worried about having perfect wedding photos. They want original photos captured with minimal direction and interruptions. If you and your partner choose blurry-motion photos, consider hiring a skilled wedding photographer capable of capturing unique photos and videos. An expert photographer will deliver cool, soft, retro images.
Planning for a wedding is an exciting experience, but it can be challenging with so many things to consider. But a little understanding of current wedding trends can help you decide what to add to your big day to make it memorable for everyone in attendance. Popular trends every couple should know about in 2023 include sustainability, blur-motion photos, and increased focus on lab grown diamond rings. Maximalist weddings and mismatched bridesmaids attires are other emerging trends you should consider to make your nuptial ceremony unique.