Every couple planning to tie the knot wants their dream wedding to be a magical, fun and unique experience for family and friends in attendance. Incorporating an original idea into your save the date is an excellent way to give your guests a hint of what’s in store on your special day.

If you and your beloved are getting hitched, you don’t have to look too far for inspiration that can make your wedding day fabulously unique. Draw inspiration from your love story to create an original and unforgettable life-changing event that truly represents you as a couple. click here

Think about the romantic journey between how you met your partner, to the day that you said “Yes!” and became engaged. You can also incorporate other key factors, like your heritage, love of travel and shared interests, to help you celebrate your union with originality and style.

Where You Met

Where You Met

It’s wonderfully romantic to pay homage to the place where you and your partner struck it lucky in finding each other.

If, like many couples, you met your partner in a bar, you can recreate the experience by setting up a libation station at your wedding reception venue. At your tasting bar you can serve up the beer, spirits or colourful cocktails that you were both sipping when you met. Pair the drinks with foodie treats that perfectly compliment – artisanal craft beer and a mini portion of fish ‘n’ chips or a bite size burger, classy cocktails and canapés, or champagne with fresh oysters.

Introduce your wedding guests to your love story with a cute and stylish infographic of your relationship – starting at the place where you first met each other. You can incorporate the infographic into the design of your beautiful save the date cards, or use the custom illustration for other elements of your luxury bespoke wedding stationery.

If a matchmaking friend took the time to set you and your partner up on a blind date, it’s a lovely and unique idea to honour this person at your wedding. At the wedding reception, seat your matchmaker on a chair that is decorated with a special sash, a garland of greenery and flowers, or other accessories that complement your wedding décor theme and colour scheme.

Where You Live

Where You Live

It’s an original idea to celebrate the location of where you and your partner live, as a theme for your wedding. Cohabiting couples can focus on incorporating ideas that are inspired by the local area. A rural, countryside or seafront location offers a multitude of decoration inspiration for your wedding venue. 

Most couples chose to get wed close to the place that is home. If your roots are in different parts of the country, you and your partner can compromise by using the area where you will live together as a married couple as inspiration.

On your wedding day, set up a mini photo studio at the reception venue, and invite your guests to pose in front of the camera. For a quirky and original idea, you can create a photo studio inside a beautifully decorated camper van. The fun photos make a lovely surprise inside your wedding thank you cards.

Your Heritage

Heritage and culture help to shape the people that you and your partner are. It also provides the history and back-story to your great romance.

Your family’s heritage can be displayed graphically on your save the date cards, wedding stationery, and wedding venue backdrops. A bold clan tartan, a striking Indian print, or a vibrant African kente cloth can be used to represent your roots in a myriad of creative ways.

At a wedding that is small and intimate, you can swap the wedding reception venue chairs for seating that reflects your culture. Oversize floor cushions, ottomans, or benches swathed in heritage design cloth are perfect for adding authentic aesthetic detail.

After the heritage inspired wedding meal, invite guests to join you, and your spouse, in a cultural dance that is traditionally performed at family weddings.

Your First Trip Together

The first trip that you and your partner took together can provide original ideas that you can feature as part of your wedding day plans. Use that romantic weekend away in another country, or staycation getaway, to inspire your wedding day plans. Browse through your collection of travel photos to refresh your memory of happy days.

Your First Trip Together

An exotic destination can influence your entire wedding theme, or just a part of it.  Use your creativity to design original travel theme wedding stationery. As save the date cards set the mood and tone for the main event, it’s fun to use a variety of visual clues to get your VIP guests excited.

If you’re having a destination wedding, or you have many guests travelling from out of town to attend your special day, it’s a good idea to enclose a map that shows where you’re tying the knot, and how they can get there. 

Mutual Hobbies

Mutual Hobbies

Show off your unique personalities, as a couple, by sharing your hobbies and interests with your wedding guests. 

If you have a passion for music, dancing, art, or playing games, you can easily create original activities, for your guests to enjoy on your wedding day. At an outdoor wedding, you can set up a variety of lawn game stations, so that guests can have fun playing jumbo Jenga, Twister, croquet, super size chess, or racket sports.

Your Engagement

Your Engagement

Some couples that are planning to get wed choose to use their engagement as the star feature of their stylish personalised save the date cards. 

Use your most stunning engagement photograph as the focal point of your unique pre-wedding invites. Just add text and all of the important information that your guests need to know, and you’re good to go.