Animals are a wonderful and fascinating part of our world. Many people obtain great joy from gazing upon an animal’s beauty or observing their quirky behavior and wish to pay tribute to their favorite creature by surrounding themselves with animal-themed possessions. Are you animal-crackers? Here are 7 fabulous ways to bring the wild and wonderful into your home décor.

Wild Wallpaper

Covering your boring walls with funky wildlife-inspired papers is a great way to jazz up your home. The current trend is wallpaper with jungle patterns, flamingoes, parrots, and leopards. Team these deep, jewel-colored wall coverings with gold or copper accessories such as mirrors and picture frames. The emerald green hues and deep blue tones of the designs contrast nicely with blush pink. 

Wallpapers with patterns like those of animal coats have always been a popular décor choice. Decorate your walls with bold black and white zebra print paper, shades of gold with leopard or cheetah prints or, for serious impact, tiger-striped wallpaper.

Awesome Art

Probably the easiest way to bring your favorite animals into your home is to adorn your walls with beautiful art. The range of creature-themed art is massive and appeals to every taste. For minimalist art dedicated to dogs and cats’ beauty, check out the simple line drawings at These art prints are available in representations of different breeds of cats and dogs, so if you own a Maine Coon cat or have a penchant for pugs, buy a framed print to liven up your home. 

If you have a pet you adore, consider having a local artist paint a portrait of them. Have your pet sit for the artist – this might be easier said than done, so that they can study every physical characteristic of your furry friend. If this proves too difficult, the artist could take some photographs and work from them.

Selling platforms such as Etsy showcase the creations of many artists, and you might find exactly what you are looking for. You can choose from bespoke watercolors, oil paintings, digital art, or printed canvasses. If you are a creative person and enjoy crafting, you could cut out vinyl decals in various animal shapes and adhere them to your walls.

Funky Floor Furnishings

Bring wild animals into your home by purchasing a faux fur rug. You could go for a log cabin ambiance and get a fake bearskin rug complete with a head. Scattering animal patterned rugs over tiled or wooden floors can add some color and warmth to your home. If you don’t like the look of fake fur rugs, look for floor coverings that are woven with patterns of wildlife. Ethnic home furnishings from countries such as India, Africa, and China often have images of elephants, tigers, and leopards on them. 

Loveable Lighting

Table lamps with animal-shaped bases have been a popular home accessory over the last couple of years. Shine a light on your favorite animal and purchase a table lamp with a rabbit or parrot-shaped base. 

For something a bit more clever, look at lights that feature ceramic or metal sculptures of animals holding the lightbulb, such as a dog carrying the cable from the lightbulb in their mouth or a chimpanzee holding up the bulb as if it were the skull and ape depicted in the famous sculpture of Darwin’s Ape Thinker.

Brighten up a child’s room with a string of animal fairy lights or a ceiling lampshade decorated with zoo or farm animals. Check out furniture stores such as Ikea for fun fauna-themed wall lights and bedside lamps.

Opulent Ornaments

Animal ornaments are an easy and cost-effective way to fill your house with wildlife. You can buy anything from miniature clay mice to solid bronze sculptures of African hyenas. When friends and family learn of your love of lemurs or passion for porcupines, you may find that you are given effigies of your favorite furry as a gift on every conceivable occasion.

Create a rogues gallery in your hallway with paper-mâché or fabric animal heads and busts. Get crafty and buy a paper-mâché animal head from your local craft store and paint it to look lifelike, or for a more abstract look, use bright colors or cover it with patterned decoupage paper.

A popular animal to have in a decorative form in 2021 is a leopard. Set off the palm tree patterned wallpaper in your lounge by purchasing a life-size ceramic ornament of this big cat to sit beside your fireplace.

Consider unique furniture; add a small sitting area with ottomans. An animal-skin ottoman is perfect for opulent interior lovers who want to add a touch of luxury and exoticism to their homes. Ottomans are already functional and stylish, but an animal skin ottoman takes things to a new level. Cow skin ottomans are one of the most popular types. Check here for cow skin ottomans and add wildness to your living area. 

Sumptuous Soft Furnishings

Add warmth, color, and texture to your home décor with soft furnishings. Swathe your sofa with cozy hot pink throws and cushions with images of fabulous creatures. Dress your windows with curtains or blinds printed with geometric fox head images – a fashionable choice in the current climate. 

Kids will love to decorate their bedroom with an animal theme so get busy. Look for colorful bed sets, pillows and matching curtains. Dinosaur patterns or dogs are a popular choice for boys’ rooms, and kittens, llamas, sloths, and unicorns are usually on a girl’s list of favorite animals – even if unicorns aren’t technically real animals! Create a cozy reading corner with large floor cushions or a couple of beanbags. Kids can get extra snuggly with an animal print fleece blanket to use for warmth and security. 

Terrific Toys

Nothing is more fun than a house filled with stuffed animal toys – even if you are a childless adult! Perhaps you have a love for bears and still have a favorite teddy bear from your childhood. Why not sit some cute soft toys on shelves around your home or sit them on your staircase. 

Hang mobiles from your ceilings for some added interest. Look for a funky sea creature mobile for your bathroom, a farmyard animal-themed one for the kitchen, or an exotic bird mobile to hang from your lounge ceiling and fit in with your jungle animal/palm tree décor.