Sneakers are no longer for the active crowd because you can now wear sneakers with your daily outfits and still pull them off. The footwear is a great addition to any outfit for any season, but some might still have a hard time trying to find the right outfit with their sneakers. Here are some tips and outfit inspirations that you can follow to pair your sneakers with.

In each of the style recommendations, there are mentions of specific brands and shoe models but do not feel like you need to get the exact pair. You can pair the outfit with whatever sneaker you have, and the look can still turn out great.

1.Go Basic with a t-shirt and Jeans

You cannot go wrong with a classic t-shirt and jeans look and it is the ideal outfit to put on when you want to wear your sneakers. You can go for a basic white tee or choose some printed to add more to your look. Any jeans would be great as well, from skinny to boyfriend, but if you are wearing a pair that is a bit looser, try cuffing the pant so that you can show off more of the sneakers that you are wearing.

For this basic look, any sneaker will do the job, but a tip is to match the sneaker to the shirt to give a sense of unity within the outfit. If you have put on a white tee, go with white shoes. If the shirt is pink, choose a pair of pink sneakers or ones with pink accents. The outfit is rather simple so feel free to add some accessories to the mix.

2.With a Simple Midi Dress

Who says dresses and sneakers do not go together? Just because you are wearing sneakers with a dress, does not mean that the outfit cannot still be feminine. The key is to pick a casual dress that can be worn for your day-to-day activities. Feel free to choose bold colours and patterns because that just adds more character to the entire look.

Now comes the time to choose the sneakers to finish the outfit. The good tip to remember when pairing dresses with sneakers is to pick a sneaker that is basic without many eye-catching accents, like a pair of adidas Superstar. This way, the two components of the outfit will not be too contrasting, and it will seem more put together.

3.Tie Together a Workout Outfit

When people think of sneakers, they will think of workouts and exercise so why not take that idea and make it fashionable? There is no reason why you cannot look good in your activewear while completing your workout routines. In fact, there are tons of sports brands that are now making workout gear more fashionable so use this to your advantage and choose the clothing that you think looks great.

Even the most fashion-forward activewear and gym gear can still be slightly underwhelming so elevate your look with a statement sneaker. Go with something that is bold and bright but still performs great as a sport sneaker. Remember, even though you are trying to create a fashionable workout outfit, you are still going to move a lot so pick a pair of sneakers that you know can hold up and handle all the movement.

4.Go all White From Head to Toe

Another basic look that you can try but this time, sticking with only one colour – white. An all-white outfit can be intimidating to some because they feel like they need to be extra careful with what they do to not stain their clothes. However, it is the perfect canvas for accessorising because there is no other colour in the mix to clash with your jewellery, bag, or shoes.

You can go for a white top and white bottom combo or just choose a white dress, but it must be all-white, without any coloured details or patterns. As for shoes, you can continue the theme and choose a pair of all-white sneakers or choose a white pair with a hint of colour. This will add a pop of colour but will not interfere with the one-colour theme you are going with.

5.Sport an Office-friendly Look

More and more businesses are ditching the typical office wear dress code and are allowing their employees to dress in smart-casual or casual clothing. If you just so happen to work in a company that is not so strict with the dress code, you can start incorporating sneakers into your office looks. However, you will need to keep in mind that you are going to the office for work so do not go too overboard with your outfit choices and keep it office-friendly.

The basic smart casual look would be a white top, a pair of black slacks, and a loose-fitted blazer. You can also switch out the slacks with a midi skirt, but the colour should be more muted and toned down. As for the sneakers, it is best to go with one that is either all-black or all-white, just so you know that it is suitable for the office. You can also get exclusive sneakers from high-end fashion brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent for a more sophisticated vibe.

6.Complete a Preppy Look

If you want to add a more youthful vibe, you can try a preppy look. Yes, even adults can still be preppy, but we are going for a more conservative type of preppy. That means switching out the regular button-up shirt with a sleek button-up blouse, and the bright college sweater for a cosy cardigan. The skirt can stay but you can also opt for something fitted or just go for a plain pair of slacks. For an age-appropriate look, choose neutral tones instead because that will tone down the outfit and make it more mature.

Since the outfit is preppy inspired, go for a pair of sneakers that are popular amongst the younger crowd like a pair of Vans Old Skool or a pair of low-cut Converse. If you are sticking with the brightly coloured preppy look, you can choose bright colours but if you are trying out the mature preppy with the neutral tones, wear sneakers that are either black or white. This way, the outfit will look more balanced, and you will seem more put together.