Buying a diamond is as hard as finding a life partner -they have to be beautiful inside and perfect for the long haul. Although the latter may not last, your diamonds will for sure. As beautiful as they seem, diamonds are one of the rarest jewelry stones on earth. It can be a gift, a memory, and also a personal belonging, but it also can be a wise investment. 

It is true that when we think of diamonds, we only think of rings or necklaces. Buying loose diamonds never crosses our minds. Let’s just list the reasons that prove buying loose diamonds is a wiser choice- 

  1. Diamonds are a great investment.
  2. You save the price of the jewelry-making process.
  3. You can check the stone’s quality.
  4. You can decide to have jewelry made later.

There are several intricate details that you have to keep in mind while buying a loose diamond. Be it budget or the type of the stone, you have to plan everything in advance. You cannot base your judgment on a five-minute presentation by the store salesperson only. In this guide, we have assorted seven tips for you to follow that would make your diamond purchase safe, secure, and profitable. 

7 Tips to Keep in Mind while Purchasing Your Diamonds

  1. Budget: The first thing that you have to determine before you step into a diamond store is your budget. Keeping your financial status and significant upcoming expenses in mind, you have to decide beforehand how much money you can afford to spend on diamonds. Beware, the salesperson will always push you for an expensive purchase, alluring you with bigger and more attractive stones. But you have to stick to your budget as only you know the purpose of your purchase for sure.
  1. Finding the right store: As you are spending a fortune in buying a precious diamond, you don’t want to make the purchase from a store that cannot be trusted. The best way to ensure the legitimacy of a store is to ask your friends and colleagues who own diamonds themselves. You can look online for user ratings and reviews. You can also find loose diamond merchants who only sell different kinds of loose diamonds. There are several kinds of diamonds that are exclusive to specific stores. Do your research beforehand and ascertain the specific brand and category of diamond you would like to buy. Then, select a store that sells your preferred brand and/or type of the stone. 
  1. Security: Whether you buy online or in a shop, always make sure that the vendor has a license to sell the product. As for the diamonds, find certificates provided by reliable gemological laboratories like GIA and AGS. The store owner may give you detailed information about the quality and the origin of the diamond, but the certificates are the only reliable source of information for you. 
  1. Quality Before Quantity: No matter how reliable a shop you are in is, when you ask for the variety of diamonds in your range and compare each one of them, you will find a pattern. Even though the price remains the same, the size of the diamond starts to vary. When you compare them to each other, you will notice that when you decrease the carat size, the cut quality will increase, and vice versa. Depending on the variety you want to go for, experts would suggest you to select the best quality available in your price range. If you see diamonds as an investment, then the size, color, or quantity must come after the cut quality. 
  1. Shape of the stone: The shape of the diamond you want to purchase becomes a crucial decision to make while buying loose diamonds. Your preferred shape should depend on the purpose you have in mind. While the round brilliant shape is the classic choice for loose diamonds, you can always go for an oval or a heart-shaped one. 
  1. The Ordering part: Once you have ticked all the boxes of your personal checklist for the loose diamond you are buying, it is time to order. Double-check the reliability of the store and select a trustworthy shipping partner for delivery. As no extra work is involved in the process, your parcel would arrive soon. 
  1. Securing your diamond: As soon as your diamond reaches you, start the insurance procedures. You insure your diamonds under homeowners policy or you can go for personal jewelry insurance. Double-check the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and the coverage it provides before selecting the policy. 

The most important thing that you need to do before buying loose diamonds, however, is to educate yourself about the stones. If you think that only GIA or AGS certificates are enough for trusting the quality of the diamond that you are being sold, you are mistaken. Be sure to check every minute detail before you make the purchase.