No wedding is complete without some cool pictures. Pictures play an important role in your wedding. Every frame will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is the reason you should always try to perfect every frame. You need to add some amazing props, along with some insta-worthy picture frames across the venue. Apart from your attire and the makeup, one thing that can lift your pictures is a pair of sunglasses. You need to invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses as this will make every frame perfect and memorable.

You can always plan your pictures before executing them. You can choose a pair of sunglasses for all your close friends and family members, and they can wear those while pictures get clicked! But how to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for everyone attending your wedding? Here’s a trick. 

How to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for everyone? 

Destination weddings are going around everywhere, and you can make them more interesting by featuring some amazing pictures. Since both bride and groom hired the same venue, you will have haldi, sangeet, mehendi, and everything in that location only! Now the best way to get them to wear sunglasses is by gifting them one! But how to choose one that suits them? You can do that in three ways:

  • You can buy two different types of glares; one for the bridesmaids and another one for the groomsmen. Since they are your friends and close family, you know their choice, and that makes the whole thing pretty easy and in hand for you. You can also take suggestions from them as well. You can consider checking the internet for suggestions on sunglasses for weddings.
  • You can buy a particular type of sunglasses for everyone attending your special occasions and becoming a part of your favorite pictures. We are talking about the bridesmaids and groomsmen here. Lots of brands are there that are famous for making unisex sunglasses. You can choose something peppy that goes well with the decor and theme of your wedding. Your makeup artist or wedding planner may help you choose that!  
  • The third and the most quirky way of choosing a pair of sunglasses is choosing a separate pair for everyone. This means you will be searching for different pairs of sunglasses for each bridesmaid and every groomsman. This will add more pop-up colors to your wedding album, and you will certainly love this insta worthy Gen z thing going on across your wedding. You will love the pictures, and they will be your asset for the rest of your life! 

People love gifts, and when you give them a pair of sunglasses that they can wear during different wedding functions, they are going to love that idea for sure. When people are happy, it reflects in their smiles, and trust us; the pictures will shout happiness! 

How effectively does a pair of sunglasses go well with a wedding?

There are different types and patterns of sunglasses available in the market. But you need to choose a pair of sunglasses for each of your friends, keeping in mind the theme and decor of your wedding. There are certain types of glares that might go well with the decor and some types you should carefully avoid.

  • If it is a summer wedding, you can add more colors to your sunglasses. The frames can have pop-up colors, and the shades can be soothing. You must not go overboard and order shutter shade lenses or glasses that carry the names of the couple. It may look quirky in the pictures, but your bridesmaids and groomsmen will not love the idea. you cannot capture their genuine reaction if they are not happy with the gifts. 
  • Mirror or reflective sunglasses are always in fashion. You can watch your guests smiling at each other, and the reflection on their glasses will be amazing. You will get some amazing reflecting pictures, and you can see everyone smiling. You can also choose a little bit of hue in your lenses that will make the decor pop up effectively. 
  • It’s an affair for your whole life, and you will remember everything that happened on this day. So, if you are a groom, you can choose a pair of aviators for you, and if you are a bride, you can choose a pair of cat’s eye or round glasses for your wedding day. If you want to keep the pair of sunglasses for the rest of your life, invest a little more and choose a sturdy and perfect pair for your D-day. 
  • The bride can choose a pair of pearl sunglasses for herself, and if she is okay with it, she can even choose the same for her bridesmaids. Pearl sunglasses bring a retro chick look to your entire get-up. You can wear a traditional or a western dress and pair it up with sunglasses that go well with the look. You can experiment with your looks if you are brave enough. 
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses are always in fashion. They go perfectly with the wedding theme. They look perfect in every picture, and you will love them even after your wedding. They come in either metal or glass bodies. You can choose the type you want to flaunt at your wedding. When your man wears an aviator, you can easily pair it with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. 


Every wedding is special, and you can add some amazing pair of sunglasses to your wedding and make it a perfect bridal affair. We have shared some popular types of sunglasses here, but you can always experiment with your looks. If you are confident enough, you can sport any type of sunglasses and pull it off like a pro!