A wedding ceremony is a celebration of love between two people who love each other and want to make a life commitment to start a family and grow together. The wedding ring is the symbol of the union.

If you are a bride looking for a wedding ring for your groom, it might be challenging, and trust me; you are not the first bride to experience this. You want a wedding ring that will make your husband-to-be look as glamorous as you will during your wedding day.

Information is the key to choosing the groom’s perfect wedding ring. The following is a glamorous girl’s guide to wedding rings for men: 

Get to Know The Groom

The key to buying the perfect wedding ring for the groom is to know what the groom likes. If you are the bride, you may think you know what your groom likes until you start discussing wedding rings.

You need to know his tastes and preferences as they relate to wedding rings and rings in general. It will be easier if the groom already wears a ring as it can allude to the ring style they prefer.

Otherwise, ask questions about the groom’s personality, and you will get a clear picture of the type of wedding ring they would be glad to wear all their life. 

Ring Metal and Materials

An essential element of a wedding ring is the metal or material from which it is made. If you want to buy a wedding ring for the groom, you should determine which metal suits him best.

Many precious metals are used to make rings, including gold, palladium, silver, and platinum. Other less than precious metals, such as tungsten and titanium, are used to make rings.

Titanium wedding rings for men are becoming increasingly popular, so you might want to check out polished titanium and wood rings. Therefore, learn as much about the different types of metals used to make wedding rings as possible.

You will want to consider factors like price, durability, color, and finish to help you choose the suitable metal. It would be best if you also considered the ease of resizing the ring, which the metal will influence. Find out if the groom is allergic to any metals. 

Ring Style

More men are style-conscious about their wedding rings than ever before, and you should consider the wedding ring style to have glamorous rings suitable for the wedding ceremony. The style will largely depend on the groom’s tastes and preferences.

However, it should be an expression of the groom’s personality. A wedding ring style has many aspects, including texture, aesthetics, and profile. There four most common profiles include: 

  • Classic Court – the most common ring profile which has a round interior and exterior shape. It is the most comfortable ring profile.
  • D-shape – the profile offers the best fit with a round and thin exterior profile while having a flat inside. 
  • Flat- the flat ring profile means the ring is flat both in and out. It is one of the most comfortable ring profiles but easy to lose. 
  • Flat Court – is a combination of the flat and traditional court ring profiles, meaning it has a flat exterior and round interior profile.


The type of finish will also affect the ring’s appearance and add to its glamor. A ring’s polish and finish are vital aspects of the ring’s style. There are several types of finishes for men’s wedding rings.

High polish is the most popular type of finish as it makes the metal smooth and shining with incredible reflection. Matte is another common type of wedding ring finish, and it is more modest and with less reflection than high polish.

A combination finish is halfway between matter and high polish finishes. The hammered finish is a finish that makes the ring look as if the makers hammered all the details into it. Its finish allows for conspicuous designs and results in sumptuous texture.

More men are choosing to have more detailed and intricate wedding rings, hence the importance of addressing the ring’s finish. Custom designs are very popular for modern men’s wedding rings.

Setting or Gemstone

A ring’s setting refers to the precious stone you will embed onto the ring. When choosing a wedding ring, you will have to decide on the ring’s setting. There are many setting options for such rings, including diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

The price will be the most crucial factor when choosing the ring’s setting. The appearance will also be vital. Diamonds are the most popular option for wedding ring settings. Gemstone colors and stones represent various characteristics you should consider when deciding on the ring’s setting.

Fit and Size

No matter how fancy and expensive the wedding ring is, it matters little if it will not fit the groom. Therefore, you should consider the wedding ring size when shopping for rings.

You may physically measure the groom’s ring or use an online ring sizer to get accurate dimensions for the ring. Only by getting accurate measurements can the ring fit the groom perfectly.

The wedding ring’s size also refers to the band’s width, which you should ask the groom about his preferences. Wider wedding bands often have a better fit than narrower ones. 


Finally, the element that will guide all aspects of the ring shopping process is the price. You should have a wedding budget that includes the ring’s budget. Ensure you stick to the budget when shopping for the groom’s wedding ring.

All the above factors will influence the wedding ring’s price. It is up to you to find a sweet spot between fulfilling various criteria while staying under budget. The material and setting are the two most significant factors affecting the price.

Once you address those, the rest should be minor details. No wedding ring is worth getting into debt for, so ensure you get a ring you can afford. 


Buying the groom’s wedding ring will be a challenge, but if you know what to do, it will be more straightforward. You should consider the above factors when shopping for the perfect groom’s wedding ring. Using the above tips, you should find a wedding ring the husband will be proud to wear for life.