As weddings become expensive by the day, planning an affordable ceremony that will not leave you both in a financial hole as newlyweds can prove to be a hectic or deal. Listed below are five ways to ensure sure you have the wedding of your dreams on a low budget.

1. The Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are expensive, but that shouldn’t deter you from walking down the aisle wearing the dress of your dreams. You can decide to buy it from wedding dress boutiques and then sell it immediately after the wedding. Alternatively, you can opt for a secondhand dress, which will be at a lower cost. You can also decide to rent out the bride’s dress, bridesmaids dresses, grooms suit, and groomsmen’s suits. You are sure to a cheaper package in the rent out option.

2. Choose an Off-peak Season and Date

By choosing to have your wedding in winter, autumn, or springtime, you will save you a considerable amount of cash in comparison to a summer wedding. Most weddings take place on a Saturday and in the summer, which is also peak season for weddings. Picking a weekday or on a Sunday as the wedding day will also save you money on the venue costs. Preferably on a Friday, this will also prove to be a great start to the weekend. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Choose the Right Location

You don’t have to choose a popular wedding venue. The best spots are yet to get discovered, and you could be the first ones to get married there, making it a truly unique special ceremony. Also, have one location for the vows exchange ceremony and reception will also help cut down on transport costs; this can also double up as the photoshoot location. Choosing a countryside garden-themed wedding venue will serve as an all in one place, and on the plus side, you won’t have to worry about the city traffic snarl-ups.

4. Decor and Vendors

They say sometimes less is more. Going for a subtle décor on your wedding can be a game-changer. You can decide to go DIY on most of the wedding decorations. Enlist the help of your family, friends, and bridesmaids, with tutorials from Pinterest and YouTube; you are sure to have a unique personalized décor at your wedding.

It’s advisable to hire one vendor for multiple services compared to different vendors for each service. It will mean you get a higher discount since you are buying in bulk. Also, most vendors have a package sale for services provided in bulk. You shall also look for wholesale vendors to buy anything in bulk for example table covers wholesale.

5. Have a Manageable Guest List

The number of guests you invite will inevitably move up the wedding cost on all fronts, including venue, seats, vendors, food and beverages, and even the floral arrangements. It’s better to have a small remarkable, memorable ceremony than a large fancy wedding that will leave you in unmanageable debt. Having a small wedding of close friends and family will also ensure that you save money and that both of you step into marriage life financially sound. Remember to be smart about your wedding cost and the impact it will have on your financial future.

With the steps listed above, you are sure to get the wedding of your dreams at a budget-friendly cost. It’s vital as newlyweds not to start your marriage life with large debts due to a wedding. Remember the wedding is for one day, marriage is for a lifetime.