Love is a beautiful thing, and growing up, it was always every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle. When the time comes, we spend months looking forward to counting days to that great day. Of course as a bride, you will stress about wanting everything to be in harmony on that day, and you think all you have to do is show up on that wedding day, right? It is often not the case as there are loads of things as a bride that you need to check to see the success of your most awaited day in the life. It is often not a walk in the park preparing for a wedding, and you need to have a checklist of all things, including the smallest of details. Often than not, you will always wonder, where then do I start? From the photographer, wedding shoes, wedding gown, theme color, buffet, and often than not who to invite and what to include in your invitation to accommodate all your friends. This article has then come up with a checklist to see the day’s success and ensure that it will be memorable and that all you wish for happens.

Get the final headcount

Thirty days to your wedding, you should have an approximate number of the people you expect to be attending your wedding. This is because you need to finalize some budgets such as sitting arrangements, tents, and the buffet that will be enough for your guests. You need to give your wedding planner an approximate number, which will ensure that you do not overestimate or underestimate the budget associated with your guests. It is of equal importance also to be able to set up a venue based on the approximate number of guests to avoid instances of a tiny forum or even reception for your guests.

Set your final fitting

The gown is essentially the most exciting thing about a wedding, in my opinion, and I would do anything as a bride to ensure it goes well. This includes the final fitting of the gown to ensure that it is what I am happy and comfortable to have. It is essential to check if your expectations match reality in terms of design and if what you had pre-thought in your mind is what you have on the ground. Ensure that you set days with your designer as a bride to fit the gown and even try walking in it to ensure that you will be comfortable on the wedding day. Also, put some measures in place, such as cleaning and delivering your gown to avoid the last-minute ash that can be so hectic.

Decide on your hair and make-up

Often than not, even on regular days, we as girls struggle to identify what hair looks good on us or is unique and how good we will look in it. It is only expected that we want to look the best of ourselves on this day, so we need to go through all the hair options we have and actively conclude on what we want. After that, we then make an effort to set a date with the salons to ensure their availability and even how good they are at making whatever hairstyle you desire. Makeup is something else on this day as a wedding has no part two and so as a bride you have to have the best on this day. We should then, with the help of a makeup artist, decide on the makeup to wear, try it before to see how you would look and if actually, you love the outcome, and then set up a time with the makeup artist on where and when the makeup activity will be done.

Make spa appointments

The importance of spa appointments. It will include activities such as your Mani and Pedi and waxing, and as a bride, it is good to have this early enough to avoid last minute rush.

Meet with vendors

About two weeks to the day, you need to call all vendors to ensure that they have put all required on this day. Ask your wedding planner to meet up with them to finalize budgets, payments, and anything else in line with the vendor.

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Get your marriage license

It is a requirement in every state or country to have a marriage certificate. Ensure that anything that can hinder you as a couple not having the license is looked into. This includes the statutory requirements as well as the religious requirements.

Create the wedding day timeline

This is important to ensure that you have time looked into from start to end of your wedding. Go ahead and share with your wedding planner, bridal party, vendors, and even family. This includes the minor details of time like when the bridal team will meet the makeup time, breakfast, wedding start time, photography session, and such to ensure a smooth sail on this specific day.

Print out place cards

Once you have the sitting arrangements in check, you can print out the place cards.

Create your wedding program

With the help of your wedding planner, you should have a laid-out wedding program that will ease the process for the master of ceremony to know the chronology of events on this specific day.

Deliver final song list to the band

We all have that one song we have always wanted to be played on our wedding day, whether when walking down the aisle or even at the reception. It is then of equal importance that we give a list of songs to play as you enter the wedding venue, during the cake cutting, wedding party introductions, and any other music you wish played at whatever part of the wedding.

Send the shot list to the photographer

We all have those desired shots we look forward to, and it is essential to make the photographer aware so that even on the specific day, they know what they are going for.

Check-in with your groomsmen and bridesmaids

Sending them reminders to send their measurements, scheduling fittings, and picking up time. For ladies, ensure that they have all their accessories and may meet some days to the wedding day to practice some entrance song and dance or anything they are to do on that day.

Write a love note to your groom

Amid all the preparations, we can easily forget why we are doing all we are doing. It is then essential to have a love note written to your groom and present it to him the night before your wedding day.

Ensure you have the wedding bands ready and go for a ring fitting

Liturgical preparation

Go over the wedding ceremony with the wedding officiant and chose your readings and prayers carefully while paying attention to the liturgy and discuss any essential readings you wish for of any topics you want to be addressed on this day .The arrangements play a big role in becoming aware of the mystery of unity and fruitful love which is the main focus of the wedding celebration.

Catholic marriage preparation class

Both the groom and the future spouse should attend some of the set things to do as a couple and what doctrines to follow. Some of the classes are administered by the catechists as well as the priests who give a detailed explanation on what spouses as Christians should do. It is during this time that you present your best couple to the priest and as a catholic tradition , the best couple should be an example to the couple and thus should most probably have a catholic background but it is not a must.

Organize and confirm honeymoon plans

Check on flights, hotel reservations, and anything that pertains to the honeymoon. Look at clothing, accessories, and anything else you want to bring during your honeymoon. As well pack early enough for your honeymoon. On the last days of your wedding, you have so much to do that you can easily forget to pack for your honeymoon. It is then advisable to do the packing earlier.