If your marriage is getting rocky, it might be time to seek marriage counseling. Read more to learn about 4 things that let you know it’s time for counseling.

Growing up, you may have expected a fairy tale marriage, complete with the kids, dog, white picket fence, and beautiful home. After you met your love and committed your lives to one another through marriage, you may have realized things aren’t that simple. 

Great marriages take work, and some require more than others. It can also be tempting to throw the towel in and walk away if the relationship isn’t working well. 

Before opting for a costly divorce or painful separation, it is wise to consider all options, including marriage counseling. We are going to take a look at 4 red flags that could signal this is the next step for your family.

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1. Infidelity: Emotional OR Physical

Unless you and your spouse have previously arranged an open relationship, stepping out of the marriage will likely be a huge problem. 

If you or the other party are currently engaging in an affair or even considering it, therapy can be an outlet to allow for honesty about the changes needed. Although a couple can overcome cheating after it has happened, it is always easier to handle before the problem comes to a head. 

2. Lacking Communication

When a couple lacks communication, it doesn’t mean there is an icy silence between the two of them. It can be as simple as arguing over the same small issues repeatedly or constantly having negative interactions. 

Of course, if there is NO communication, a marriage counselor may be able to find the root of the problem and help make adjustments from there. 

3. The ‘Roommate’ Situation

When you see someone day after day, at their worst, smelling morning breath, witnessing their less-than-ideal organizational skills, or any other annoying issues, it can be easy to begin to see that person as a roommate. 

This often is accompanied by sleeping in different rooms, showing little or no affection, and communicating in passing, rather than holding conversations. This situation is both comfortable due to complacency yet obviously lacking the intimacy you both crave. 

Don’t let these circumstances continue. Opt for a session at Naya Clinics!

4. For the Children

Many people attempt to salvage their marriage for the sake of their children. Unfortunately, children often end up getting stuck in the middle of the marriage woes and have to deal with constantly miserable parents. 

It’s not fair to them, and it is certainly not fair to you as a couple. 

Even if the marriage ends in separation, seeing a counselor will help with closure for both parents and kids. Therapy will allow for both parties to see their part of the problem and, hopefully, offer an amicable end for everyone-even for the children. 

Marriage Counseling: Not a ‘Last-Ditch Effort’

Marriage counseling doesn’t have to be considered the absolute last option before talks of separation or divorce. In fact, many people find that attending counseling enables better communication and parenting in addition to being a better spouse. 

Sometimes one of the best ways to rekindle the romance in your relationship is to go back to the beginning of your time together. Get some ideas from these tips for new couples!