Starting a new relationship can be an exciting and worrisome experience. While you’re probably thrilled by the idea of launching a romantic adventure with your new boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s a lot of nerves involved with getting to know someone for the first time. As complicated as the dating scene might be for a new couples, it’s equally confusing to transition out of the “dating stage” into being in your brand-new relationship.

If you’re worried about starting your journey together on the right foot, then a little bit of guidance could be just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few quick tips perfect for new couples.

1. Be yourself

When you’ve been on the dating scene for a while, and you’re sick of struggling to find love, it can be tempting to show the person you’re interested in anything they want to see to make sure that they want to stick around. Unfortunately, as hard as it can be to show a man or woman the more vulnerable parts of yourself, honesty is always the best policy in a relationship.

Ultimately, no relationship can last if it’s built on lies. If you’re constantly ignoring things that bother you or pretending that you enjoy things that you don’t then you’re setting yourself up for a relationship that you simply can’t be happy in. Hopefully, you’ve been honest with yourself while you were dating, but now that you’re in the relationship stage, it’s time to show more of the vulnerable parts of yourself, including your insecurities and concerns. If this relationship is going to go anywhere, then you owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re compatible when the masks are off.

2. Work on your physical intimacy

Physical intimacy can play an important role in various parts in a new couples relationship. The more committed you are to your partner, the more you’ll want to spend time with them that goes beyond the standard trips to movies and restaurants. It’s important to feel comfortable with your partner during your periods of intimacy, so if you struggle with showing you care in a physical sense, make sure that you discuss this issue with your new boyfriend or girlfriend in advance.

Talk about how you both feel about public displays of affection, and if you’re worried about anything from a sexual angle, be open about it. Erol Onel, a physician from New Jersey, regularly helps his clients overcome sexual hurdles in their relationships. Sometimes, talking to a doctor can be the right way forward.

3. Take things slow

As excited as you might be to move beyond the dating game and start getting to know someone who could become an important part of your life, it’s important not to rush into anything too quickly. Love is something that you can’t force to work the way you might like it to. Instead of pushing ahead with the intent to make things perfect no matter what it takes, make sure that you go slowly and get to know each other on many different levels.

A good way to make sure that you don’t rush into too much too fast is to dedicate at least some of your time each week to being away from your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Go out with your friends or spend a night alone.

4. Don’t compare anyone

Whether your last relationship ended well, or it fell apart in a dramatic explosion, there’s a good chance that you have some baggage to carry with you into this new experience. While it’s difficult not to make some internal comparisons when you start dating someone new, the last thing you want is to base all of your decisions about the relationship on how your new significant other compares to the person you dated last.

Additionally, it’s worth making sure that you never bring your old relationships up with a new partner until new couples feel very secure in the relationship. No-one likes to feel like they’re just a rebound.

5. Invest in romance

We all want to feel wanted by our partners. Just because you’ve managed to get a label on your relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you have to give up on making them feel important. Make sure that you work on being romantic with your new lover as much as possible, treating them to surprises and memorable experiences every once in a while. You need to know the actual tricks and basic ground rules of becoming a great lover, as that can sow the seeds of love, lust, romance and passion in the heart of your girl or guy. This is how you get a permanent entry into your soulmate’s life.

While every night together doesn’t have to be rose petals and romantic music, it’s important to remind your other half how excited you are that you’ve found each other.

6. Making the most of your new relationship

New relationships for new couples can be scary, but they’re also an incredibly exciting thing. When you make the most out of your time getting to know someone, you could find that you’ve truly found the person of your dreams. Use the tips above to keep yourself on the right track, and good luck!