Wedding anniversary is the celebration of love. But how to celebrate your wedding anniversary to make it memorable? You can buy expensive gifts for your love and make great plans of party and still not make it memorable. Have you ever thought why it is?

It’s because sometimes, there are the little things that matters the most. Definitely, it depends a lot on the nature of a person for whom you are doing all the efforts. Some like getaways to a new place but it might not be possible every year. Or some like to flaunt about the party and things on how they celebrated their anniversary on social media platforms. But what it is adding to your relationship?

Instead of being in the moment and making memories everyone is busy making insta stories which will last merely for 24 hours in the heads of others. It’s not completely wrong but you must decide your priorities. After all, for whom are you doing it, your spouse or society?Anyways, just be in the moment and share your memories with your friends later on. You are not going to get punished for that, right?

Here are my ideas on how you can celebrate your wedding anniversary and add beautiful memories and happiness to your lives.

1. Decorate your home and surprise him

You might find it cliché but that’s the thing. Don’t just decorate but create a romantic and unimaginable ambience to surprise him. Here is what you can do to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a different way and make it even more special.

(a) Make a tent

I tried this and believe me his expressions made all my efforts worth it. This is how I decorated the tent. I chose red and golden color long drapes with strawberry lights. You can use white color drapes with beautiful string lights decoration. I also pinned some of our pictures on the tent to recall the moments of joy and togetherness but that is optional.

The tent for wedding anniversary-celebration

(b)Use roses

The aromatic roses are must. The romance is incomplete without it. You can keep a bouquet of roses or use rose petals to draw a heart, write I LOVE U or your initials. And, if you want to go a step ahead, get down on your knees and confess your love once again with a rose.

Use scented candles to elevate the mood. No lights can give you the feel that these candles can. You can also DIY gorgeous candle holders to beautify the set up.

(d) Good music

Get on the floor and dance a little. Make most of your time and make each other feel special.

(e) Some Wine

Your plan can’t be complete without a good dinner, anniversary cake accompanied by wine to cheer the celebration of your wedding anniversary and love.

2.Do your favorite things together

If you are deciding to spend the day together and taking off from your work then you’ll surely love these ideas. Well, if not the favorite things then try something different.

(a) Get Inked

Tattoos are forever. And a great way to show your love towards each other. There are amazing couple tattoo ideas that you can get inked and make your bond stronger. Also, ensure that you should use top ink brands on your body while tattooing so that It will not show any side effect.

Couple tattoo idea on wedding anniversary


(b)Cook Together

It’s fun and a great idea to spend some time together. If you aren’t good at cooking then try a dessert. Here are great dessert recipes that you would love to try and savor together to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

(c)Fix a relaxing Spa Treatment for both

It’s time to feel good. Book appointment for the day and pamper yourselves. And if you don’t want to splurge on it then try Spa Treatment at home it would be even more rejuvenating ;p

(d)Gift each other something you both love

If giving a gift is mandatory for you then gift something unique. You can find umpteen of gifts for him online.

3. DIY

It is indeed a great way to spend some quality time together.

(a)Couple Hand Casting

Holding hands forever is literally possible. You can cast this. You can DIY it or you’ll need a casting kit to make one.

hand casting kit for wedding anniversary-gift


(b) DIY a pot and plant it

If you love plants then you’ll love this cute activity together. Make a pot or bring one and plant. To make a planter, you can see many ideas on pinterest including bottle planters to hypertufa planters. As you see it grow each day, you’ll technically make it unforgettable.

These are few ideas to help you celebrate your wedding anniversary in a way to make it wonderful. But there could be many other things you can do to make your day because at the end you knows what will your spouse love the most.

Nevertheless, if you like these ideas then let us know what are you going to try on your wedding anniversary.