That one thing everyone desires to own after becoming wealthy is a lavish home of their dreams with absolutely mesmerizing Bathrooms. A luxury bathroom with its beautiful interior, also have class automated systems, black shower systems and even high-end electronic products. But no dream bathroom can be designed without the special bath tub. It is not strange to believe that many people schedule their whole day in the bathroom. So it’s very important that your ambiance comforts you. Also, if the bathroom is plush then the person who finds excuses  or hate to bath will change ones mind in the realm of such fantasy bathrooms. So have a look at the luxurious bathroom you would love to take a bath in.

1. Asian Luxury Tub

Asian luxury Tub


Expensive but a guarantee relaxation of body, this is what makes bathing in the traditional luxurious Asian tub a great experience.

2. Forest Copper Tub

Forest Copper Tub


Who would not love to take a bath in the tub made up of copper?

3. Simple Duck Bathroom

Simple Duck Bathroom


Not only kids can enjoy in the tubs like this. Adults can have fun too.

4. Unique Random Tub

Unique random Bathroom


Distinguished from the traditional tubs, taking a bath in this unique tub with champagne and a view like this is like a dream.

5. The Romantic Bathroom

The romantic Bathroom


You must be missing your partner, right?

6. Candle Light Bathroom

White Candle


White colored walls, candles, flowers, mirror, tub and water. An essence of a perfect beauty.

7. The Revealing Villa

The Revealing Villa


Any amount of money would be less to take a bath in this tub with such an amazing ambiance.

8. The Palace Bathroom

The Palace Bathroom


To take a bath in this palace bathroom, you need to be a King.

9. The Roman Bathroom

The Roman Bathroom


One of my favorite bathroom from the old movies inspired from rich kingdoms.


10. Old British Bathroom

Old British Bathroom


Don’t you think one can spend hours looking at the bright stars via the top window of the bathroom?

11. A Sober Tub

A Sober Tub


Any one can lost in day dreams in this modern design big tub.

12. Beautiful Wooden Bathroom

Beautiful Wooden Bathroom


Where can one find such an awesome bathroom with nature all around it.

13. Combination of Modern and Traditional Bathroom

Combination of Modern and Traditional Bathroom


What makes this sunken tub apart is the awesome view from the windows.

14. A Spectacular View

A Spectecular View


If your bathroom provides such a view, then you will definitely not like to leave it.

15. The Big Shower

The Big Shower


The feel of waterfall through this top shower says it all about this unique bathroom.

16. City View

City View

Nothing can beat the feeling of holding a champagne, chilling while looking at the amaze view of the city.

17. A Mountain View

A Mountain View


This is the best investment one can make to feel the peace and luxury in life.


18. The Royal Bathroom

The Royal Bathroom


I can work for 14  hours a day, to take an hour long bath in a tub like this. Royale!

19. A Bright White

A Bright White


The Classy white Luxurious bathroom with the glowing lights at the bottom makes it one of the most beautiful tub.

20. Unique Rainfall Shower

Unique Rainfall Shower


A bath tub with this awesome shower at the top is a must in a master bedroom.

21. Stylish Modern Bathroom

Stylish Modern Bathroom


This is the most simple and cute luxurious bathroom I have ever seen.

Though choosing one would be difficult. But please let us know in our comment section, which is your dream bathroom from above all?