People tend to go about the wrong ways when on a mission to catch a cheater. Simply put, confrontations most of the time do not work only serve to give cheaters a chance to deny and take extra precautions. Also following your partner yourself is likely to backfire as they could easily spot you. Besides who has ample time for that? Finally, another mistake people make when seeking to catch a cheater  is discussing their suspicions with their friends or neighbours. Most of the time, your confidant will let it slip or even worse, could be the one your partner is cheating with! However, don’t panic yet -at least until you confirm your suspicions. There are effective ways to catch a cheating partner as herein.

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Trap Your Partner

DIY sleuthing is excellent and this traditional method worked before the cell phone era and continues to work even now. For example, you can tell them you are leaving for a weekend then leave a recording device for surveillance in your house and ensure your plans are not foiled by children or pets discovering the device. The best places to hide such devices is below the headboard, underneath the couch and for video surveillance, on the mantle hidden in a photo frame or a wall clock among other places.

Use Their Phone to Track Them

Cell-phone surveillance consists of many facets. For example, you can install an audio recording app that works in the background to listen in on suspicious conversations especially when your partner is going out of town. There are also many catch my cheating partner surveillance. You can use a phone tracker that will keep an eye on your cheating partner for you. Also, apps that recover deleted messages, call logs and pictures can help you discover the things that your partner is hiding in his phone. Just be sure to install them discreetly and use the best surveillance apps to spy and see his history, current or deleted, GPS location, messages and pictures among others. This is especially if you have noticed increased cell phone and computer use and increased password protection for these devices.

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Social Media

Social media platforms offer an excellent avenue for cheaters to cheat but also make it easier for them to be caught. As such, using a spy app to stalk your partner’s social media can help catch them or point you in the right direction especially if he or she is careless. If your partner keeps on having long flirty chats and over-obsessing on another person’s pictures on social media then this is a great place to start your DIY sleuthing.