There can be only one way to dispel the draining monotony of the daily grind – a rejuvenating solo escapade over the weekend. There are many advantages to a solo trip – since it is the most complete ‘me time’ you can have, away from familiar conditions and demands. It is a time for experimentation and introspection. Let us delve into the reasons that will convince you to pack your bags.

It’s all about You

When you are on your own you do not need to adjust according to the likes or dislikes of others. Feel like just sitting in the shack with a book? Go ahead. Do you want to take an impromptu detour? What are you waiting for? A solo trip allows you to give full attention to your passions. Spend all day at the museum or the beach – you do not need to schedule with others.

Make new acquaintances

Traveling in a group is very restrictive. You compromise on the excitement of discovering new cultures and personalities in exchange for the comfort zone of friends and family. A solo trip with a car on rent throws you right into the picture. Meet new people. Strike up a conversation. You never know what surprises lay ahead.

Catch up with yourself

A sojourn on your own allows you to rediscover parts of yourself that you have ignored. Remember the childhood memories you had of a particular place? How about revisiting that spot. When you are on your own, you have a clear train of thought. You may just come up with new ideas or resolutions that will help you in the long run. For those who can never let go of work, a short escapade might lead to a nice brainstorming session.

Experiment with new things

When we are in a group we tend to get tied down by the image that has been created of us. When traveling alone, you can start from a new page. Experiment with cuisines or try some adventure sports. Get out your character and enjoy the anonymity of being the stranger in a new town.

Travel Smart

When you are traveling alone there are a few things you need to take care of. Research your destination and route properly. Do not compromise on transport. The best way to enjoy road trips is on your own terms. Opt for the security and privacy of a modern car rental like Zoomcar which offers 24/7 on-road support.

From the sultry seaside to mesmerizing mountains, the world is your oyster when you travel on your own. Refresh yourself with the joys of solo travel. Start planning.