The fact that the laptop needs to be protected against bumps and wetness is something we all are probably most well aware of. Lots of us carry a laptop in a laptop case or laptop backpack, some of us even chosen aluminum case for some extra protection.

But, many of us forget that such a heavy bag is worn on both the neck and back sometimes for long periods of time. In today’s article, we will cover some facts that will hopefully give you the answer to what is a healthier choice for your needs.

Watch Your Back, It’s the Only One That You Have…

Watch Your Back, It's the Only One That You Have...

Successful online laptop briefcase retailer Got Briefcases states that people actually never consider potential health problems and always go for the most stylish option when making a choice for their new bag. Today’s market is overload with bags that primarily have the purpose of satisfying the demands of the fashion and (for most cases) completely neglect the potential back and shoulder problems that may occur.

Specialists in pain in the neck and shoulders emphasize the importance of having equipment that is well adapted to the body. Carrying around a laptop bag or backpack that is not adapted to your own body can increase the risk of strain injuries. They unanimously agree that the rightly adapted equipment provides support and distributes the weight better between the neck, shoulders, and back, which in the long run is very important for health.

If you use the wrong equipment daily, the risk of suffering from muscle and joint problems increases considerably. Fortunately, the body is adaptable and can withstand a lot but that may as well be the problem since problems with back and shoulders start to develop in moments when we actually don’t feel any pain in that area. You won’t break your back just because you use the wrong computer bag or backpack for a few days.

But, if you are going to carry around a computer, school books, and other gadgets five days a week over the next few years, then its definitely worth of concern. In that case, you should be aware that the choice of bag affects the body. The problems arise if you use the wrong kind of bag for a long time.

So, How to Choose the Right Type for My Needs?

choose according to your needs

Because most laptops weigh a lot, It is recommended that a backpack with wide and padded shoulder straps is used more than a simple case with handles. The best thing is if the computer compartment is located closest to the center of the back because the pressure on the neck and shoulders will be significantly smaller. Why it is important that heavy things are worn near the center of the body? We will explain with the following example:

It is much easier to carry a bucket of ten liters of water with your arms hanging near your body than to wear it with your arms stretched straight out to the sides. The same principle also explains why it is better with a backpack than a shoulder bag.

If the backpack is also provided with breast straps and hip belt, the weight is more evenly distributed, which reduces the load on the muscles and joints. It’s important to note that one should try to minimize the weight and not get around on more things in the backpack than you really need, especially for kids.

Choose a Laptop Backpack with Soft and Wide Shoulder Straps

Choose a Laptop Backpack with Soft and Wide Shoulder Straps

The backpack is clearly the best choice but classic laptop bags are more popular. The situation in today’s market results probably because many think they are better looking. Fortunately, today there are both bags and backpacks in many different designs and sizes and of course price ranges.

You can get a backpack with a separate computer compartment for a few dozen dollars, while a computer bag in genuine leather will probably cost just over a hundred bucks. Using a shoulder bag does not have to cause back problems but you need to think about your own body size and the weight of your laptop (since many of us are not that tall but our laptops are considerably heavy). Just make sure you follow the doctor’s advice and avoid the most common mistakes.

The Most Common Mistakes

the most common mistakes while choosing a bag

No matter what type of bag you are looking for, there are some mistakes that you should avoid.

Lots of us tend to be habitual and almost always carry the shoulder bag or backpack on the same side and load the same shoulder every day. Instead of carrying it across the chest, or if it is a backpack, in the middle of the back, so that the load and weight become more evenly distributed.

So, if you have a tendency to always carry the bag on the same side, It’s strongly recommended that you try to carry your shoulder bag across your chest and backpack in the middle of your back, at least a few days a week.

For all of you who just need to carry that heavy laptop all around every day then do not hesitate to go for somewhat less fashionable choice but certainly more healthy that is a backpack. Especially if you are planning on buying one for your kid, then do not think twice, laptop backpack wins this duel!