It’s not a surprise that when we finally start feeling the unforgiving heat on our skin, various linen clothes quickly find their way back into our wardrobe. The strength, resilience, and breathability of the fabric make it a very cool and comfortable choice while going for more natural, earthy tones give you a very elegant cool, which will make you stand out during the summer. Its sustainability and longevity make it a much better, but more expensive choice. The health benefits and the protection linen provided by linen during summer is incredible. Here are a few reasons you should definitely wear linen clothing.

A natural fiber

Linen is made from the stalks of flax plants. This plant is very resilient and can still grow even on poor soil without the help of fertilizer. This makes the natural production of linen much less harmful to the environment than growing cotton. If you don’t know the difference, then we suggest you take a look at this linen vs cotton article by Puratium, a digital learning hub focusing on sustainability topics related to zero waste, vegan, and eco friendly products. Growing flax plants requires much less water than other plants. Besides the production of linen, oils and seeds from the flax plant play an important role in the health food industry. The production of linen from the flax plant has very little wastage and gives us a natural, biodegradable fabric. What more could one ask for?

Longevity and Strength

Linen is a very unique fabric. Linen clothes are well-regarded thanks to their immense strength and longevity. But not many people know that linen dresses and other products get stronger each time you wash them. The strength and longevity of linen have been known and respected for many years. If you want right linen clothes for the beach or other occasions during summer, get yourself some linen clothes. They will last you for many summers to come.

Absorbency and Breathability

Linen fibers are hollow, which is the main reason for fabrics incredible breathability. Wearing a linen tunic will help you endure the intense summer heat much easier, while the sweat will be quickly eliminated by the fabrics impressive ability to quickly wick away the unwanted moisture. Linen clothes can absorb up to a 1/5 of its dry weight in moisture and still won’t feel wet at all. Because of that, linen clothes help you stay cool and comfortable no matter the circumstances.


Linen has a lot of unique, mostly positive features. Yes, it has a tendency to get wrinkly, but if you learn to embrace this feature (or iron your clothes a bit more often) you can create a very unique look, suitable for every occasion. Modern linen clothing has the unmatched variety of various accessories. No matter what piece of clothing you choose, the elegance and luxury of the fabric will always make you look classy.

But the versatility linen exists both in fashion and comfort. Breathability, thermoregulation and great absorbency are great features, which we only utilize when the summer comes, but linen clothes are also a great choice during the winter. The great benefits of linen can have a very positive influence on your life. That is why a lot of people do not limit themselves with linen clothes, but also use linen bedding in their bedrooms to utilize this great fabric in their lives.

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