We all know that our favorite celebrities get more than a little help with their looks. Their entire outward appearance is coordinated by a team of professionals. Likewise, many look to cosmetic procedures such as facial lasers, botox, and coolsculpting (cool sculpting for double chin) to give them some extra help. From the Kardashians to Jennifer Aniston and so many more, here are some of the top cosmetic procedure the celebrities use to keep themselves always looking picture perfect:

1) Dermal Fillers

Over the past few years, dermal injections have been a huge trend in pop culture. Kylie Jenner was one of the first celebrities to start using argumentation at a young age to contour and lift her face. Fillers can be injected into the cheeks, nose and undereye to enhance features and create a more dramatic look. Along with dermal fillers, Kylie has had lip fillers inserted to create the famous pout that inspired her cosmetic empire.

2) Clear Skin: Cosmetic Laser Treatment

When it comes to minor skin imperfections like large pores, sun spots, and dullness, laser treatment is a popular option. It’s a quick and painless procedure with almost no recovery time. During this treatment, the doctor waves laser wand across face brightening skins spots and tightening pores. One big fan is Jennifer Aniston who seems to never age!

3) Remove Wrinkles, Sun damage and Acne Scars: Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work to remove old skin so new layers can grow. This results in a brighter, clearer and youthful complexion. They vary significantly in strength. Doctors can perform a minor one during your lunch break whereas strong chemical peels may initially make you skin look blistered and sunburned initially and take a few days to recover from.

4) Tone Up: Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is one of the fastest growing treatment options for fat removal and targeting trouble spots. This non-invasive procedure works by focusing intense amounts of cold on certain areas such as the belly, thighs and more. However, it is a quick and comfortable procedure. The doctor applies handheld paddles to the area and freezes the fat. A therapist then massages the region to break down the cells. Over time the fat is eliminated naturally and never returns. Khloe Kardashian and Mariah Carey are two celebs who have used this treatment to slim down along with hormone therapy injections that aid in weight loss and muscle gain.

5) Quick and Effective: Botox

There is a reason why Botox continues to be the leader of non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Its works quickly and producing a subtle result. Best of all, the procedure is nearly painless and can be done in fifteen minutes.

After treatment, you look instantly refreshed as muscle and skin tighten up creating a well-rested and youthful appearance. Kristin Cavallari and Cameron Diaz are just two of the many examples of celebrities who have been refreshingly open about using this great cosmetic treatment.

6) Liquid Face Lift: Hydrafacial

This is the next generation of facial treatment. If you don’t have the time or prefer a minimally invasive procedure to smooth wrinkles and create a more youthful complexion, Hydrafacial is an excellent option.

This non-surgical procedure uses injectable gel fillers to reduce wrinkles and lift facial features. It also a great option for oily or congested skin along with sunspots and other things to help promote healthy, glowing skin. And A-List Celebs like Rose Byrne and Kate Somerville are big fans of it.

The Favorite Cosmetic Procedures of Our Favorite Celebrities

These great cosmetic treatment options are just a few of the examples of the minimally invasive procedures are favorite celebs are using. So if you are looking for a brighter, more youthful complexion or eliminating fat in trouble zones then schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to see how they can help get the appearance you’ve always wanted.