Nowadays, fitness is the keyword that rings in every household. Health is what it is all about. People everywhere are indulging in a diet, workout, or a gym binge; you name it, they will have tried it. There are many different workouts that an individual can take up depending on his or her constitution, needs, and requirements. People’s bodies respond to different workouts in different ways. Some find aerobics comfortable, some can quickly adapt to power yoga while others may find the treadmill worth a try. 

One of the most effective and most widely taken up exercises is spinning. It has a lot of advantages and has a lot of plus points for the users. This is why we’ve come up with 6 reasons for you to consider taking up spinning at home.  

Advantages of Spinning 

Spinning as an exercise works wonders for the cardiovascular system. The lungs and the heart work in a much better condition with the blood pumping improved. The oxygen levels in the body also increase, thereby improving the stamina levels. Spinning is excellent for those with joint or back problems or those who cannot, for any health reason to indulge in any strenuous activity. It does not put a lot of pressure on the knees the way a treadmill workout does. It is just the right kind of exercise for people who find it difficult to run or even walk, like people who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.  

It is a great exercise for those who want to burn calories the easy way. You don’t need to stretch your muscles to the extreme, but you end up burning the calories you want to get rid of. And what you get is a slimmer you. It is a total body workout which means numerous muscles get a decent workout from it. The muscles that are involved: 

  • Core
  • Upper body
  • Back
  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower legs

It improves body strength as you gradually increase the time spent in spinning. As you increase your spinning time, your stamina increases and so does your cardiovascular activity. This helps in reducing lethargy and fatigue that might creep in at times. Along with its advantages for physical health, it helps in maintaining a balanced mind by keeping a person mentally fit as well. It increases the tolerance and patience levels in an individual.

This is not an age-specific activity. People of any age can take it up and customize it to suit their physical abilities. There are no restrictions as to the age group that can take up this exercise. 

Advantages of Spinning 

Reasons to Take Up Spinning

In these very trying and difficult times, mental as well as physical health has assumed new dimensions. People are going through tough times and there is no way to channel their negative energy, what with the fitness centers, and the gyms closed down. Even if these facilities are available, it is definitely not safe to use the equipment already used by someone else. With social distancing very much the keyword everywhere, it is very easy to lose control of one’s mental prowess and go into depression. That is exactly where spinning at home comes in.     

  1. In these days of the COVID pandemic, it is a workout that you can take up in the comfort of your own home. It can be done with the norms of social distancing being strictly followed. You don’t need to travel anywhere and can set up a workspace for yourself in a comfortable corner in any room you want

2. If you are taking it up at home, it obviously is very adaptable. You need not stick to a fixed schedule or a particular time slot every day. The duration can be adapted to suit your needs and mood of the day. If you don’t feel up to it on a particular day, you can give it a skip. If you feel you want to put 10 extra minutes on a particular day, there is nobody to stop you. You are your own boss. You can create your own routine as per your schedule.

3. If you enroll in a gym, you have to use the equipment that is provided by them. In the case of spinning at home, the equipment can be suited to your height and weight. In order for the spinning exercise to be effective, a good choice of spin bikes is very important. The right kind of spin bike to suit your individual requirement that suits your budget is a one-time investment and just what is needed for you.

4. Spinning in virtual sessions or classes taken at home can also be very helpful. Spinning classes take away the boredom of working out alone, yet allowing you the privacy and space in your own home. At the same time, working with others, even if it is virtual, motivates you to put in more effort to go ahead and complete the planned schedule. It is social distancing combined with socializing which is, after all, what man is all about.

5. Spinning at home is also very cost-effective. You just need to invest once in a spin bike and then you are done. There is no need to pay the gym or fitness center membership charges every year, which are anyway exorbitant. The travel expenses are also saved.

6. This exercise, if done at home, is time-saving as well. You do not have to wait for the equipment to be available as in a fitness center which is often very crowded. Not only do you save the time that you waste during the waiting period, but you also save on the traveling time. 

It is safe to say that spinning at home is an exercise that anybody can indulge in, whatever the age or health condition. The advantages that come with it anytime outweigh the cost of the equipment that one needs to buy. It is a self workout routine that anybody can adhere to at their own convenience. So go ahead and take it up as a hobby, follow it as a passion and stick to it as a profession. It will surely give the desired results in a few weeks if not months. Happy spinning!!