Excessive body fat isn’t only unhealthy. It can bring down your confidence, especially if you’re not allowing yourself to love your body. With that, you may want to look for ways to lose your body fat quickly. However, the thought of getting on the surgical table might scare you, especially if you don’t want to risk any possible complications.  

The fastest way to lose body fat is by going through cosmetic surgery. It’s not everyone’s first choice, though, since the recovery time can take longer. And there’s a higher risk. In light of that, everyone is constantly looking for ways to achieve their dream body with ease. Below are the various ways to lose body fat without going through cosmetic surgery:  


One of the most advanced and non-invasive fat reduction treatments is cryolipolysis. This process allows a device to freeze your excess body fat, especially in your stubborn areas. It enables your body to slowly take fat away by six to twelve weeks. You can simply ask the person in charge to reduce any fat you’d like specifically to your individual requirements. You should see results after a few weeks.  

Cryolipolysis will put your excess fat at a cool temperature, and your body will eliminate them. Your destroyed fat cells will head to your immune system. And your body’s natural reaction will be to remove them out. With that, expect that it’ll take your body a few weeks before you can see results.  

While the process of cryolipolysis might take longer, it’s completely safe, surgery-free, and permanent, allowing you to enjoy your fat reduction process for life. Just ensure you follow it with proper diet and exercise. You can avoid fat from coming back.  

Laser Liposuction 

An alternative to cryolipolysis is laser liposuction, where it uses heat instead of cold temperature. But don’t worry, as there will be a constant cooling mechanism that will help to cool down your skin. It shouldn’t cause you any burns on the outer part of your body. In this way, the laser would only be breaking down your excess fat, keeping your body safe.  

Laser liposuction works by allowing the clinician to apply anesthesia on your body through a needle, to numb the area. This initial step should make you comfortable during the procedure. After a few minutes, they’ll be making a tiny incision in which they’ll insert the laser and allow the machine to melt your excess body fat.  

After going through laser liposuction, your clinician will advise you to have a short downtime in which you’ll let your body to recover for a few days. But don’t worry. Because the site is relatively small, you can get back on your feet quickly.  


If you’re not comfortable allowing a machine to touch your body to lose body fat, Vanquish will help get the job done as it only uses radiofrequency to reduce excess body fat. During this procedure, you’ll be lying on a bed, and a machine will hover over your body. It will provide radio frequency and heat your fat cells for up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, melting them away. 

As the body removes the excess fat cells and destroys them, your body will work naturally to get rid of them. With that, expect that it might take you weeks to see results, especially if you’re working on larger areas.  

The magic of Vanquish is it allows you to work with larger areas without going through cosmetic surgery. In this way, you don’t have to go through portion by portion of your body fats because you can reduce an entire part in one go.  

Deoxycholic Acid 

If you’re focusing on removing any existing double chin, injectable double chin reduction will help get the job done for you. Apart from reducing double chin, deoxycholic acid can be helpful in making your skin firmer, giving way to a tighter and more youthful appearance older generations highly appreciate.  

The procedure involves several needles under the chin. The process will only take 20 minutes of your time. But don’t worry, the needles are thin, and will less likely produce any intense pain. However, if you have low pain tolerance, using anesthesia will make you feel comfortable.  

After going through the treatment, you’ll be needing a downtime day. You’ll need to rest your body and allow it to recover. In most cases, patients are able to go back to their normal activities after two days. While a few side effects are involved, they’re completely normal and nothing you should worry about, because they’re known to resolve on their own. 

Regular Exercise And Proper Diet 

If you’d like to avoid going through any medical procedure to reduce excess body fat, going for a traditional method never hurts. In this way, not only can you achieve your dream body, but you can also make yourself live a healthy lifestyle.  

Ideally, you should practice exercising at least three to four times a week, if you’ve just started the routine. You can gradually increase them to every weekday so you can continue to burn body fats. As you exercise, you can begin with cardio workouts, especially since they don’t need much equipment. You can even do them conveniently at home. 

If you’re after a specific body goal, hiring a personal trainer will benefit you. In this way, you can ensure you’re doing everything right.  

Apart from regular exercise, you should also match your lifestyle with a proper diet to ensure your body is healthy. The most effective way to reduce body fat is by adjusting your diet and performing the exercises to speed things up a bit for you. 

It all starts with what you put inside your body. Ideally, you should consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, along with meats and fish high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.  

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your activities, you can download a food app that gives you a meal plan you can follow for the entire month. Additionally, you should set the alarm on your phone to remind you when to work out.  


Losing body fat can be extremely challenging, especially if you want it to be quick. While the non-invasive procedures might take weeks before you can see the results, they’re a safer option, making you feel at ease as you go through the process.  

Before you schedule for a non-invasive body fat reduction, try to practice eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly first. This combination is the healthiest and safest way to go. However, if your body fails to cooperate, there are plenty of options in the health space that can assist you in achieving your goals.