Getting the opportunity to get older is something to be thankful for. Aging, however, not only comes with knowledge and experience but also physical signs of aging too. The physical signs of aging are things that people often want to conceal. So, it’s no wonder aesthetic services like breast lifts are more popular than ever before.

With any aesthetic procedure, you’re probably curious: does scarring ever go away after getting a breast lift?

Scars Typically Fade Overtime

As with any deep wound or incision on the body, getting breast lift will result in scarring. Although this may not be what you want to hear, on a brighter note, scars do fade and flatten overtime, typically over the course of months or years.

In rare cases, post-surgical scars may fade completely, though this is not to be expected. For the most part, the scarring will be there in the long-term, if not forever, to some extent. Healed scars after breast lifts tend to be flat and light pink or white in color.

Genetics and Scar Severity

The severity of your scars after a procedure like a breast lift will depend a great deal on your genetics.

Ohio State University researchers discovered that if you have more TGF Beta, a cytokine protein, in your bloodstream than MG53, you’re more likely to scar. Those with more MG53, on the other hand, tend to have better wound healing with less scar formation.

Of course, other factors will come into play when it comes to scarring. This includes the person’s skin type, age, and quality of nutrition. The location of the incision, the direction, depth, and general size of the incisions will also have an influence on how the person scars after having a breast lift surgery.

Reducing Scars After a Breast Lift

While some people flaunt their post-surgery scars, others might not be so thrilled to see them on a daily basis. Everyone has their insecurities, so this is understandable.

For individuals who want their scars eliminated after getting a breast lift Utah, there are some options. These options include, but are not excluded to, cryotherapy, laser therapy, microneedling, or steroid creams or injections.

There are things you can also do at home to help your post-op scars fade quicker. Massaging your scar with water-based lotion/cream, protecting your scar from the sun for the first year, and using sunscreen on your scar if sun exposure may be a possibility.

Some people may even turn to natural remedies for fading their scars. These include the application of vitamin E, aloe vera, coconut oil, lavender essential oil & olive oil, or lemon juice. While the latter may or may not work, one thing is for certain: it can’t hurt to try.


Aesthetic procedures such as breast lifts are often great confidence boosters for aging individuals. But with every surgical procedure comes potential consequences. One of the biggest worries is the possibility of scarring. While scarring isn’t uncommon, the good news is, there are ways to reduce the appearance of these scars post-op.