Vaginal health plays a significant role in a woman’s overall health and wellness. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic, helping the body maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria and normal vaginal secretions. This balance will also make it easy for the human body to fight off harmful microorganisms and maintain a healthy vaginal pH. 

However, not every woman in the world understands the importance of vaginal health or how they can effectively manage their vaginal health. A woman’s disregard for their vaginal health can become the reason why they’ll experience an overgrowth of bacteria in their bodies and suffer from common genital problems, such as bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infection. 

Make sure that none of these happens by naturally managing your vaginal health. Here’s how you can do it: 

Maintain a Healthy Diet  

The foods you regularly eat can also affect your vaginal health. Consuming excessive amounts of sweets and alcohol can increase your chances to develop yeast infections and menstrual cramps.  

If you want to improve your vaginal health, pay attention to the foods you eat and consume more plain yogurt, concentrated cranberry juice, and soy. These foods are known to prevent urinary tract infection, improve the health of good bacteria in your vagina, and treat period-related cramps.  

Moreover, you can also take supplements that are probiotic formulated to help with pH balance. These supplements are very beneficial, especially for women who are too busy to make healthy meals from scratch.  

Avoid Douching 

In order to prevent unhealthy bacteria from entering your body and keep your body safe from common vaginal infections, your vagina should have about 3.8 to 4.5 pH levels. However, if you’re fond of douching, your vagina won’t be able to maintain its normal pH levels.  

Vaginal douching is a very unhealthy habit because it upsets the natural balance of the good bacteria in your vagina, creating an environment for bacteria growth. Vaginal douching can also cause pregnancy complications because it increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.  

Steer away from this direction by ticking off vaginal douching from your regular routine. It’s best if you clean your vagina using a disposable tissue and wiping from the front to back. This will prevent the cause of vaginal infections and keep your vagina healthy.    

Practice Safe Sex 

Having sex is very beneficial because it helps improve your immune system, boost your libido, lower your blood pressure, and improve your bladder control. However, having unsafe sex can only do more harm than good. Not using any condoms during sexual intercourse can increase your susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, and chlamydia. Sexually transmitted diseases can significantly impact your health and life because these usually don’t have any cure.  

You can keep yourself safe from any of these risks by practicing safe sex. As a female, you should let your partner change condoms whenever switching from anal sex to vaginal sex. Avoid sharing sex toys with other people as these can become the breeding ground of germs of bacteria.    

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Follow Good Hygiene 

If you want to maintain your vaginal health, having good hygiene is a must. Doing so can keep your vagina healthy and prevent any vaginal discomfort and infections. As long as practiced regularly, good hygiene is usually enough for you to keep your vagina healthy and happy.  

You can follow the tips listed below as part of your vaginal care: 

  • Use mild soap and warm water when washing your vagina and dry thoroughly using a clean towel.  
  • Wear only underwear made from 100% cotton. Acetate, nylon, and other human-made fibers can irritate your vulva and cause infections.  
  • Avoid scratching your vagina.   
  • Avoid using feminine hygiene products, such as scented oils, sanitary pads (use tampons instead), and talc powder as these can irritate your vulva.

    Carefully Choose Your Clothing

Ideally, your vagina should stay dry and clean every time. Too much moisture can encourage yeast to thrive in your vagina and cause infections. Aside from following good vaginal hygiene, the clothes you wear can also affect the temperature in your vagina.  

For you to keep your vagina dry and clean, opt to wear breathable cotton underwear and avoid wearing thongs. If you often workout or swim, change into dry and clean clothes as quickly as possible. The longer you wear wet clothes, the easier it’ll be for bacteria to multiply in your vagina. 

If you experience too much dampness down there, take two pairs of underwear and change more often during the day. This will help you stay comfortable and prevent infection.    

Ask Help from Pros  

There are many ways on how you can manage your vaginal health naturally, but if you want to get the best results from your efforts, it’s best if you ask help from professionals. A gynecologist has the necessary experience and equipment to check, diagnose, and treat any female genital problems.