We’ve already entered the new year and it’s more than a month. It can be well assumed that by now you have forgotten all your New Year resolutions like getting back in shape or eating healthy or grabbing a job. No matter what your New Year resolution may look like and irrespective of whether you’ve forgotten about it or not, it’s never too late to start thinking about your skin. While most amongst us remember to book our physical check-ups with our health professionals or dentists, not many remember to go for a skin screening session. Undoubtedly, healthy lifestyle is important but this part of the body is mostly overlooked by both women and men alike.

If you’re someone who has always struggled with acne and other kinds of skin ailments like rasacea or psoriasis, it is better to see a dermatologist who can tell you about the reasons behind the skin problems. Hence, if you’re in your 20s and 30s, it’s high time you either book an appointment or make a resolution to take proper care of your skin.

Skin commandments that you can make for achieving flawless skin

Let’s check out the few commandments that you need to make throughout the year for getting flawless skin.

#1: Regular wear of sunscreen

As long as sunscreen is concerned, it should be used even in the winter. If it’s snowing outside, you should still use sunscreen, no matter what. Regardless of your age, whether you’re old or young, using a sunscreen will safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays which are constantly there in the atmosphere. If you have space for just one commandment, you should definitely choose applying a sunscreen as your habit. Sunscreen is the key foundation of any good skin care regimen. UVR can cause extreme damage to your skin and can be the cause of sagging skin, wrinkles and brown spots. All this can be protected with the help of sunscreen.

#2: Wash your makeup

If your boss requested you to stay over for that late night Netflix binge, it is you who stayed up for the whole night but it is your skin that suffered throughout the night. If you leave makeup on your skin throughout the night, this can not only lead to clogged pores but it also breeds bacteria. With makeup on for the whole night, you don’t give your skin to recharge for a single moment. You can use almond oil to remove your makeup which will not only remove your makeup but will also nourish your skin.

#3: Wash your makeup brushes everyday

Do you remember the last time when you actually washed your makeup brushes? Experts always suggest you to wash your makeup brushes everyday as it is important to do so to foster healthy skin. This is something that people often overlook as they apply makeup everyday but forget to wash their brushes ever. These makeup brushes collect dust, oil, dead skin cells and residue of products which might be present on your hair or face. Can you imagine the impact on your skin when you transfer these to your face? Moreover, dirty brushes lead to skin irritation and infection.

#4: Use a Vitamin C antioxidant for your skin

Vitamin C has got a vital role to play for improving the look of your skin. In order to keep intact the health and elasticity of your skin, make this year the ultimate one to watch out for the ingredients that you find in your products. You may also take a look at online sites like Mr Vitamins where you can get the most effective vitamin supplements for your body. You can also get a Vitamin C antioxidant serum which is the most vital anti-aging product which is there in the market.

#5: Detox your liver

Besides the sugary treats that you have often, if you have had too many drinks during the holiday season, this can also wreak havoc to your skin. If you had spent an entire night drinking, you should get a dietary supplement which is able to detoxify your liver and safeguard your body from the harmful toxins. If you’ve ever heard of Silymarin which is an extract of milk thistle, this has proved to make your body resist different sorts of chronic liver problems which are the cause of alcohol consumption and stress.

Beauty trends which will loom large

There are so many different unanticipated beauty trends – from cleansing oils to flannel hair to jade rollers which took the previous year by storm. However, it will be jam-packed as there will be more glitz and glamour. If you think you can handle it, here are a few beauty trends that you should take into account.

Trend #1: Pout colours which are going to standout

This is the year when you can bid your nude lip colors and clear glosses goodbye. Are you wondering why? This is the year when statement lips and vivacious colors will make a comeback. Don’t you think that a colourful pout is probably the most stylish way of carrying forward a bare-faced look? There are bold punchy demi-matte colors and you can also get a trio of matte lip colors which have got high pigment colors and which can moisturise your lips without drying them up.

Trend #2: Baby bangs will be ‘in’ again

While bidding goodbye to another year can be a bitter feeling but it can also be exciting to give a fresh new start to the New Year. How about welcoming the New Year and a new look for yourself with new beauty trends. cropped bangs which are similar to those carried by Audrey Hepburn? This is the year when super-short and hot fringes are trending like never before and regardless of the shape of your face, they look great on you. However, if you think baby bangs don’t go with your taste, you can get in touch with your hair stylist to know about the best bangs for your face-cutting. Once you know about it, set an appointment.

Trend #3: Silver locks are trending

If you’re almost on the verge of growing your grey hair, don’t fret as this is the year when natural silver locks will be trending and will be considered fashionable. If you’re someone who is already rocking your greys, that’s good for you but in case you’re still not and you’ve been planning to hide your grey hair artificially, forget about that! Use a shampoo that’s sulphate free and also pocket-friendly at the same time and maintain shiny and healthy hair. On the contrary, if you’re someone who doesn’t just wish to part with your dye, there are tons of mind-blowing beauty products with the help of which you can color your hair. Don’t forget to take care of your hair after your add chemical colors.

Trend #4: Natural ways of lifting eyelashes

One more beauty  trends that is going to become popular is that more and more women will naturally lift their eyelashes with organic solutions like castor oil, aloe vera or grapeseed oil so that they could gain attention of their peepers. You can get Organic Castor Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes from Amazon to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes. However, until you get the eyelashes of your dream, you can use mascara temporarily. Their tiny fibers can add length to the thickness within just few seconds.

Trend #5: Glossy makeup

From nicely-shaped lips to slick eyelids, there’s nothing that can highlight the best features of your face more than a little bit of gloss. Adding gloss to your lips is nothing new but when you have to deal with dewy eyes, this can get trickier. Once you search online, you will get several resources on creating the wet look on your eyelids. You can apply your favorite eyeshadow and then apply a layer of gloss. You can also use your old lip gloss as an eyeshadow and also use it as a tint on your lips.

Trend #6: Lilac Locks

Lilac locks which are flaunt-worthy will soon flood up your Instagram feeds and we all love this idea! This is a rather soft pastel color that has the capacity of brightening up cold yet dreary days. For seasons like summer and spring, this too can be a worthy choice. So, if you want to create a bold look, don’t think twice before dying your hair with this rich lilac color. In case you choose a subtler change, request your stylist to paint lilac on the hair strands using the hair coloring method called balayage. Don’t forget to treat your hair with color-treatment shampoo as only this can ensure vibrant and shiny hair.

So, if you’re one among those who loves to keep up with the latest beauty trends, you should keep in mind the ones listed above. However, remember that only following the trends won’t help. You also have to take care of your skin, hair and face in a similar way as you take care of your overall health. Follow the skin care tips shared by the dermatologists and get flawless skin this year!