Bamboo underwear has become a favourite in every woman’s top drawer over the past few years – and for good reason. This material is incredibly soft, gentle on the skin and highly sustainable. Loved for underwear and apparel alike, this fabric is highly breathable, antibacterial, defensive against allergens and even moisture-wicking – meaning it works to keep sweat at bay as you go about your day. Beautifully made bamboo underwear is going to be made with your comfort in mind, so the blend will be giving you the best wear you could expect while also being kind to the planet! Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, this is the perfect ethical choice if you are looking to level up your collection. From undies to bras and clothing, discover our top selects for starting your journey to a better day with bamboo underwear!

Bamboo Knicker

Made in a flattering mid-rise fit with a supportive and high-stretch waistband, the bamboo knicker is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a classic style that is going to give you everything you need from your everyday underwear collection. They’re completely seamless so you won’t find any giveaway lines or bumps when you take a look in the mirror – plus, they’ll work with every single outfit in your collection. The lightweight material is entirely natural so it will sit comfortably against your skin without digging in, plus the coverage provides just the right amount so you aren’t feeling uncomfortable but you are feeling secure – say hello to the best of everything! Yes, everyone needs a pair of these.

Ultra-comfortable bamboo underwear: Nature's soft embrace for everyday wear.

Bamboo Firming Shapewear Knicker

For those who are looking to get all the benefits of bamboo underwear but you want a little bit more support as you go about your day, then look no further than the Bamboo Firming Shapewear Knicker. Made in a high-waist silhouette with a comfortable stretch waist that will fit you just right, the style is finished with a super smooth front panel that will shape your form and hold you in without compromising on comfort. They’re seamless and high-stretch with full coverage for a secure fit that you know you’ll be able to depend on no matter what you’re wearing, or what you’re getting up to. They won’t dig in or roll and they won’t give you any visible panty lines – they’re the perfect shaping style that you are going to want to find in every single colour.

Ultra-comfortable bamboo underwear: Nature's soft embrace for everyday wear.

Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra

If you are searching for a way to feel your most comfortable and confident no matter what, then you need to get to know the Ultimate Adjustable Crop Bra. Made without underwire, the band is ultra-secure and skips out on the uncomfortable back clasp feature traditional bras have for the most comfortable fit you could imagine. The light bamboo material is high on stretch and is emphasised with extra double stitching for a shaping fit. Cut in a flattering silhouette, the high-stretch straps are adjustable and it comes complete with removable bra cups so you can customise the fit and make it work perfectly for your unique needs!

Ultra-comfortable bamboo underwear: Nature's soft embrace for everyday wear.