Ready to take the plunge straight into this summer fashion do’s and don’ts? You’re not alone. Women between the ages of 16 to 24 spend about $571 on clothes every season. This is 76% more than men in the same age group,  according to CreditDonkey.

When summer comes, you can count on extreme high spikes, humidity, and chilly nights to remember. So why not dress the part? The ever-changing fashion trends give you more reason to shop for nude tones and stylish summer dresses that flatter every body type. So, whether it’s swapping out your classic go-to satchel for a colorful new tote or upgrading your overall style, check out these 7 fashion tips to improve your summer style.

Embrace Light Shades

Apart from keeping you fresh throughout the day, light-colored styles bring out the summer vibe. They have the airy feel that blends with the hot weather because, unlike dark shades, lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. With light-colored clothes, you’re both in style for summer and comfortable throughout the day.  To embrace light shades, consider shades of yellow, beige, white, pink, and other bright colors for your dresses, button-down shirts, and shorts. Wearing a light-colored loose or sleeveless top with a pair of white shorts, for example, makes you look gorgeous and refreshed despite the warm temperatures.

Choose Flowy Styles

Loose-fitting clothes are ideal for the hot season because they provide room to breathe. Since there is less fabric touching your skin, you will feel more comfortable in flowy dresses, skirts, and tops. Meanwhile, oversize shirts and wide-leg pants allow enough airflow to prevent you from getting sweaty throughout the day.

Also, be mindful of the fabric, as some lightweight materials might cling to your body and make you feel uncomfortable. A rule of thumb is to ensure your fabrics are not flimsy but have structure. Shop for outfits made from organic and breathable materials such as linen and cotton. Chiffon is also ideal, as it will adjust to your body temperature.

So, choose flowy clothes if you want to improve your summer style. For example, you can wear flowy dresses with jackets or belts to make your appearance more stylish. If you want a distinctive look, you can wear a flowy dress with puffy sleeves or ruffles to make a statement piece.  

Remember, you can get the most out of the summer by wearing loose-fitting clothes while keeping your fashionista vibe.

Swimsuits are Must-Haves

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to spend quality time on the beach. And like many women, you want to stay in sync with the latest and modest swimwear fashion trends. Not to mention, you’ll want to feel comfortable in your swimwear as you swim or bask in the sun.

Thanks to innovative designers,  bikinis come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. This aspect makes choosing the right bikini easy and straightforward. You only need to select between sizing up or down your swimwear and the right bikini top design based on your bust size.

For you to look stylish, fashion experts suggest sizing up the bikini bottoms depending on your torso or bust measurement. As for the swimsuit top, the sizing should fit well and boost your confidence. Consider bikinis with adjustable string designs, as they are easy to customize for your body type.

Also, if you’re going for a beach trip with your kids, choose the best swimsuits for them. For example, patterned, ruffled, or off-shoulder swimwear can be an excellent option for your kids because they’re comfortable and stylish. Hence, if you’re looking for the perfect swimwear to improve your kids’ summer style, you can check out some online shops like Justice for a wide range of options.

Opt for Chic Sandals

Take advantage of the warm weather and give your legs a break from sneakers and high heels. If you’re looking to enhance your style, settle for flat, strappy sandals. Leather strapped sandals outshine standard foam flip-flops in terms of comfort and style. You want your toes to breathe while you embrace your trendy summer look.
Nonetheless, you can choose slide sandals in bold colors. When choosing your summer shoes, make sure they are comfortable. Check the sole to ensure it is strong enough to offer maximum support as it shouldn’t be too flexible or hard to wear.

If you opt for strapped sandals, choose elastic or adjustable straps. With such straps, you don’t have to worry about your feet sliding and getting blisters due to friction.

Minimize Heavy Accessories

Summer is an excellent time to cut down on large statement accessories like chunky bangles and heavy necklaces. Instead, try small studs or hoop earrings as your statement jewelry. Replace bangles with delicate or cotton patterned bracelets. If you must wear a necklace, choose a short design or a choker to avoid the discomfort caused by chains when they trap heat.

When it comes to selecting your jewelry colors, maintain blues, green, turquoise, gold, brown, and pink. These neutral tones will match almost all your summer clothing because of the light feel that is synonymous with the hot summer season. You can also wear a Boho anklet to show off your summer vibe while keeping your style. Anklets are small and versatile accessories, unlike other types of jewelry. They can fit with any outfit you wear for a summer day. So whether you’re hanging out at the beach or trying to dress for an event, a Boho anklet may be the perfect piece of jewelry to improve your summer style. 

Lastly, avoid heavy layers as you don’t want to struggle when removing stacked rings from swollen fingers. Instead, settle on midi-rings and wear them sparingly.

Don’t Overlook Prints and Patterns

Besides high temperatures, summer is full of events and heavy clothing can interfere with all the fun. Aim to try something new this season, like wearing prints and patterns. You may also choose a floral or geometric patterned shirt and a pair of pants in neutral colors. Printed and patterned outfits are also excellent choices for both traditional, fun, and elegant looks.

Update your Summer Office Wear 

Choosing the appropriate office wear for summer may sound challenging. But with the right combinations, you can ensure that you look presentable while staying cool all day. Fortunately, there are various ways to get dressed for the hot weather without breaking office policies or the bank.
For instance, you can swap out your well-cut pantsuits for jumpsuits, culottes, or capris. Think of loose long-sleeved white or pink button-down collared blouses paired with well-cut pants in neutral colors like browns, grays, and checked. Although sleeveless dresses and tops are practical options, make sure it is acceptable to wear in the office.
The fabrics should be lightweight and breathable such as cotton and linen. If you need to dress up, opt for flat closed-toe shoes, wedges, or platform vegan heels to stay chic and stylish.
Choosing the perfect summer outfits can be tricky, but it shouldn’t have to be. In fact, you don’t need to be a pro in fashion to look stylish either. All you need is a bit of inspiration and a solid foundation of what you’re looking for in terms of style. Familiarize yourself with the right fabrics to wear, choose the right swimwear that fits your body, and accessorize your look to finish your outfit.