Most of us increased our use of online shops during the pandemic, and people globally got much more used to buying all sorts of goods via eCommerce sites. With summer here now, you’re probably considering upgrading your swimwear, if you haven’t already. For many, this is a daunting task because of having to try on bathing suits in an unflattering light at stores and worrying about people walking in. 

Happily, you’re spoiled for choice when browsing and buying swimwear online now. You can shop and then try on products from the comfort of your own home. No more nightmare lighting in the dressing room. You can take your time and make the lighting just right so you can feel gorgeous about what you are going to purchase. Here are some top considerations when you go about this process. 

Work Out Your Goals and Needs

Firstly, determine what your goals and needs are regarding swimsuits. While obviously, you want to purchase products in which you look and feel good, your desires may go beyond this. For example, are you after a bathing suit that will suit regular ocean swims or laps in the pool, or a one-piece swimsuit that you can happily chase a young child about in when on holiday with your young family? You may want a sexy Brazilian bikini to wow your partner, something that accommodates a growing pregnancy belly, or gives you the ability to breastfeed.

Also, consider material types when thinking about your swimwear goals. Some materials are more about giving a cool look, such as those encompassing lace or crocheted fabrics, while others are built to help you achieve speed as you swim and to hold up to lots of use in chlorine-based pools. Clarify what you’re looking for in products before you start shopping for new bathing suits for women, and you’re sure to find you spend less time searching for suitable items and are happier with what you buy. 

Measure Your Body So You Know What Sizes to Search For

Another top tip is to measure your body before you start looking online for potential swimsuits. While you might be used to picking up clothes in the standard size you normally wear, just like with dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, and other items, when it comes to swimwear, sizing can vary quite significantly between brands and between goods. 

Rather than taking a punt on which size to buy of the bathing suit that appeals to you online, it’s better to get a measuring tape and discover your exact measurements in various parts of your body. Get sizings for your chest, waist, and hips, at a minimum. When you shop, compare your statistics to the sizing charts you find on eCommerce stores. Most manufacturers and retailers have these charts available to help shoppers find suitable sizes. 

As you check out these charts, though, think about whether they’re in US, UK, European, Australian, or other sizes, as these can vary and lead you astray if you don’t read the details carefully. The sizing can also change brand to brand so even if you know what size you normally are, always check the brand’s personal sizing chart so you can ensure the suits will come in the right size. Nothing worse than getting a bunch of clothes to try on that are in the wrong size and having to start over.

Check Out Reviews and Testimonials

Always read some of the reviews and testimonials for both retailers and the swimsuit brands they sell before you decide on products. As you search online for options, you’ll see there are more designers and online stores than you ever realized and thousands of goods to consider. To narrow down your choices, learning about the experiences other customers have had dealing with websites and with trying on and wearing bathing suits can give you helpful insights. 

You want to buy from reliable retailers selling authentic items from well-known brands. Be on the lookout for e-tailers known for providing excellent customer service and free or low-cost shipping that arrives in a decent timeframe. You can find product reviews and more general brand or retailer testimonials not just on online store pages but also on social media sites, forums, blogs, in magazines, etc. 

These latter options tend to be a better place to find honest and unbiased feedback. Plus, if you have friends or family members who you know have purchased swimwear online, it’s worth asking where they shop and what they thought of their browsing and buying experiences. 

These are some of the top considerations when shopping online for new swimwear. In addition, as you shop, think about your body shape and what styles will suit it best, and read returns policies to see if you can send goods back for a refund, exchange, or credit note if they’re not quite right. If you can arrange returns, you might like to buy various styles and sizes to test out at home so you can pick the best options for you. 

Look out for sales and general deals to get handy discounts, too. Sign up for retailer newsletters or check out their social media pages and other avenues for news of great offers you can take advantage of. There might even be one of those ship to you boxes that come with a subscription that have swimwear. Let your google searching get creative! Some clothing boxes may have options that come with lingerie or swimsuit options so that you can get it all from what place and know that the size will be just right, since they already have your measurements. So start your box hunting now!

Buying a new swimsuit may not be your favorite activity. However, when you shop online, you can at least get products sent to your door and try them on comfortably at home, taking a little time to decide if you find bathing suits flattering, comfortable, and otherwise appealing or not.