A Bachelor’s degree in the fashion business is exactly what you need if you dream of being a part of the industry that changes the world. A baccalaureate is an undergraduate academic degree issued by a college or university after the completion of a study course that lasts from three to six years.

An undergraduate degree in fashion business study not just gives extensive knowledge in a large number of disciplines but helps to open many doors on the way to a dream career in the industry. Certified specialists, who are graduates of authoritative educational institutions, are always the most attractive candidates for recruiters since their degree is an assurance that a person is familiar with the basics of the business and prepared for the peculiarities of this area.

So, the decision to get a Bachelor degree in fashion business can become one of the best in your life and open so many new opportunities, which you cannot even imagine!

Why Become a Bachelor in Fashion Business?

The fashion industry is a business that never stops evolving. By choosing this field for career building, you can be sure that stagnation is unlikely to threaten you.

The point is that fashion is not only about Haute Couture Week in Paris or a new winter collection in Zara. Fashion is a portrait of a society at the moment. The industry is influenced by cinema, music trends, politics, climate changes, secular scandals, etc. It, like a sponge, absorbs absolutely everything that society lives in and reflects it all in the products of the industry.

What is very important is that all those factors that affect the fashion business, are, in turn, influenced by it. So, fashion is connected with every sphere of life and is an integral part of each of them. It is even possible to say that a society cannot function fully and develop without considering fashion trends because they are cultural tendencies, which express the pains and joys of people and the atmosphere of the time.

Taking into account the importance of the fashion industry, it is easy to understand its scale. Thus, the fashion industry is divided into several main parts and multiple additional elements. The industry functions like a large mechanism with plenty of partitions.

So, when it comes to the study of fashion, it is also necessary to divide it into several programs. One of such study programs is fashion business.

If you want an educational program that will require and develop your creativity and analytical skills, a fashion business Bachelor’s degree is exactly what you are looking for.

Choosing the fashion business degree, you get a chance to:

  • Learn development strategies.
  • Find out the identity of the fashion product.
  • Study historical, sociological, and cultural dynamics.
  • Understand the difference between approaches to fashion in different countries.
  • Get familiar with the digital part of the business (exploration of virtual platforms and technological novelties).
  • Learn everything about the commercial proposal.
  • Find out how to analyze the market and evaluate competitors.
  • Understand the basics of economics and finance.

So, as you can see, the fashion business is a part of the fashion industry that ensures its functioning. If you study fashion business disciplines, you can become an irreplaceable universal specialist.

What is more, the fashion business undergraduate degree is often equivalent to the fashion marketing Bachelor’s degree. The point is that students study how to promote the product and advance the awareness of the brand. Marketing has always been essential for the business in any sphere, so such knowledge is very valuable.

Where to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Business?

If you want to study a wide variety of fashion business disciplines with experienced mentors, the Istituto Marangoni Miami school of fashion and design is the best choice.

The US private university combines European and local approaches to education. Everything you need to know about fashion industry is included in the school programs.

Bachelors of fine arts in fashion management and business graduated from Istituto Marangoni Miami are known as great professionals passionate about their work.

Taking a fashion business course provided by Istituto Marangoni Miami, you:

  • Get familiar with the main peculiarities of the fashion world.
  • Envelop basic management skills.
  • Become a universal specialist.
  • Increase your employability.

Get Familiar with the Main Peculiarities of the Fashion World

To become a successful specialist in any industry, it is necessary to understand its fundamental principles. Exploring the world of fashion, you need to get familiar with the history of fashion, its impact on the culture, the basics of the economic side of the industry, secrets of the advertising of fashion products, etc.

Envelop Basic Management Skills

The Bachelor’s degree in the fashion business allows students to be able to cope with any challenges and make decisions based on the current economic, social, cultural, etc. factors.

You will learn such basic management skills as communication, fast reaction, critical thinking, strategy building, leadership, product presenting, organization, problem-solving, etc. 

Become a Universal Specialist

There is one more great point of the fashion business program — it will be quite useful even if you are not 100% certain of the future in the fashion industry. The skills you can get on the fashion business course are very much appreciated in other areas as well.

So, the fashion business degree does not limit your choice in the future. Quite the opposite — the program expands your opportunities, making you a universal specialist.

Increase Your Employability

After graduation, students can apply for a large number of positions, including consultant, manager, financier, marketer, retailer, recruiter, etc. Moreover, they can combine duties of different positions, which makes them even more alluring to HR managers.

Moreover, there is also an opportunity to start your own business. Skills and knowledge you receive on the course are enough to create a brand and run a successful business. The fashion business educational program provides you with a necessary experience required for a startup in the fashion world.