Underwear is not usually the most exciting part of the wardrobe to shop for. However, you will be in distress when you buy the wrong type! Nobody likes to feel their panties squeezing, bulging, rising, or dropping the whole day since that means you will yank at it the entire time too. Finding cozy undergarments is not complicated if you know what type suits your body type.

Whether you’re looking for women’s briefs, or panties, here are a few ideas on how to choose the best women’s underwear depending on your physique:

Wide Hips, Curvy Thighs

Some of the best women’s briefs are fantastic because they fully cover your rear and subtly frame your form. If you would like to show off your voluptuous butt, nude thongs can be your best friend because you can showcase your sexy features by exposing more skin.

Try out a tanga when you want to have a little more coverage as it sculpts like that of a string only with more lacey material.

You can rock everything you want to try if you have slimmer hips, but shorties add form and shape by adding a little more cover to your butt and hips. When you want to emphasize your assets and highlight your lady curves, it’s the perfect option for you. You can find the perfect thong panties for you at EBY.

Flat Butt

Hipster women’s briefs are also ideal for you since the curve attracts attention to your thighs and shows your delicate features. Shorties are not likely to offer the same impact as hipster briefs since they have a much higher waistline. However, Brazilian shorts are also an ideal choice, as the latest high-waist briefs can shape and lift the butt to highlight your figure.

Shapely Buttocks

If you have a luscious rear, relish the chance to highlight your shape and display your sexiness in thong-type briefs. If this is a bit too bold for you, consider a tanga instead. It offers more coverage to your hips while still accentuating your bottom, and it’s the best balance between the comfortable women’s briefs and thongs. On the other hand, if you find that your butt is a little too curvaceous, consider the hipster briefs for more coverage as well. However, it would be a waste if you do not take advantage of your unique features, right?

Generous Midsection

Most ladies do not like high-waist underwear, but they have been revamped to be very fashionable, and you can even wear them in exquisite lace. New shapewear and bodysuits are also stylish now, and they compress your abdomen while leveling your figure. When you want to get an instant flat stomach and sculpted body, consider high waist shaping pants that will make your shape thinner, which is an ideal substitute for a push-up bra and knickers.

It would also be better if you were to skip the hipster underwear as a full midsection, and hipsters do not match. You do not want to a muffin-top, but many other types are just right for your body type and about as beautiful.

Selecting appropriate body underwear is as necessary for a lady as choosing a perfect outfit. Though, since it is just undergarments, people do not pay a lot of attention to details when selecting a pair of panties like they do when purchasing a top. Follow these tips to avoid making that mistake.