Who wouldn’t love a daily spa experience? But splurging daily on fancy spa treatments is not possible as it is too expensive and you may also don’t know if the products used are really safe for your #Body. Though most DIY spa revolves around the use of natural and herbal ingredient and hence it isn’t a big deal to give the homespun base to such ingredients.

The bare essentials of spa including exfoliating, scrubbing, massaging and bathing will become manageable at home by means of the following techniques. So create the pampering ambience in your own bathroom.

Create the ambience

Spa is all about pampering yourself and relaxing your mind, body and soul. So, creating the calming ambience like that is quintessential for a beautiful experience.

  • Block the direct natural light by closing the blinds from DotcomBlinds and and instead invest in some tea-lights or small scented candles. This will give a calming glow and is perfect to help you de-stress.
  • Listen to some good relaxing, chilled-out music with soothing tones which will calm your senses. So just don’t forget it for your bathroom spa.
  • For the perfect relaxing bath experience, diffuse some essential oils like Rose Oil or Lavendar Oil for their fragrance and to reap benefits of aromatherapy.

With these tips and super easy, DIY homemade treatments below, enjoy the luxury and de-stressing Spa pleasure at home. So, try this different DIY spa treatments including Scrubs, Masks, Serum and Body Butters.

Hand and Body Scrubs

DIY spa homemade hand scrubHomemade Hand Scrub from The Nourished Life


DIY spa coffee body scrubAntioxidant Body Scrub with Coconut Oil from The Coconut Mama


DIY spa citrus body scrubCitrus Sugar Body Scrub from Mommypotamus


Facial Masks & Serums for your DIY Spa

DIY spa anti aging skin serumFirming Anti-Aging Skin Serum from Primally Inspired

DIY spa honey washing facialHoney Washing Facial from Empowered Sustenance


Detox Face Masks from The Healthy Honeys


Sleepy Relaxing Bath from Butter Believer


Homemade Sea Bath Recipe from The Nourished Life

Body Butters

Homemade Whipped Peppermint Body Butter from Thank Your Body


Key Lime Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter from The Nourished Life

 Other Pampering Goodies

Soothing Body Spray Recipe from Thank Your Body

Experience the #Beauty of Spa at home and feel revitalized and refreshed whenever you want.