Parineeti Chopra amazed one and all by posting a series of pictures of her in skimpy sportswear, which highlights every muscle and all the not needed kilos that she has finally lost. Her months of hard work paid off, and she turned from a size 38 to size 30. All she did was following a strict workout routine and a balanced diet.

Parineeti Built That Way

“I’ve always wanted to look fitter, more toned, wear better clothes but I was over-weight earlier. In fact, before I came down to India, I used to be obese, this really huge girl weighing 82 kgs. My new look should inspire those girls who believe they can never knock off the extra flab, that everybody has it in them to look good, you just have to really push it,” insists the actress.

“This new-found fitness has provided me with a new found flexibility in life. And it’s started to reflect on my work too. If truth be told, this is the fittest I have ever been in my life and I feel really good. It’s not just your body, but your mind de-clutters too, and it’s fascinating to see how you change as a person and even start looking better. The kind of energy you have the entire day is amazing”, said the actress in an interview to the Indian Express.

Pareenti Chopra Built That Way Campaign Photoshoot


Here are some of the weight loss lessons that we can learn from her.

1. Hitting gym regularly is not compulsory. If gym bores you and you didn’t want to go back to the usual cardio and weights then try something else that attracts and motivates you. Parineeti opted for Kalaripayattu (a traditional form of martial arts which originated in Kerala) which may not make you lose weight as fast but it promises greater flexibility. The key is to stay active, experiment with new forms, create a balance and find the motivation to exercise regularly.

2. Do stuff that loses those extra calories of yours while you enjoy getting engaged to it. Like swimming, dancing, jogging, cycling or a martial art class.

3. The worst thing you can do is stop eating. You need to fuel the body regularly through the day. Even if you cheat yourself with fattening treats, balance it out next day by losing those extra calories. Balance is the key.

4. Make it is a point to remind yourself that whatever #food you put in your mouth is healthy and keep it light during the night, never eat anything after 8 pm.

5. Don’t try to make too many changes at the same time. Start with making small changes in life like correcting diet over a period of time. Start with focusing on the diet and consume light meals for 2-3 weeks before moving on with newer things. Also, the desire to be fit should come from within.

6. The mirror is the biggest motivation. Keep checking yourself to remind to stay fit.

7. All of us have different body types; something which worked for one not necessarily will work for you. Try what suits your body, consult with doctors and experts before following anyone blindly.


Her diet was nothing exceptional compared to other healthy and fit actors and actress.

Breakfast – Sugar free milk, browb bread and two eggs (white only).

Lunch – Green veggies, roti, dal, brown rice and salad.

Dinner – Low fat foods cooked in little oil, sugar-free milk or chocolate shake.