4 minute fast fat burner Tabata exercise is basically a method of workout which uses high intensity interval training. It consists of intensive exercise with the idea to involve whole body and burns excess body fat. Each exercise is done for 20 secs which is followed by 10 secs rest. This program is designed for everyone who wants to get into shape, lose fat and feel fantastic!

In our daily schedule when it is hard to spare time for exercising, jogging or going to gym, this four minute workout is the solution. After all, four minutes to a good health isn’t a bad deal. But yes, it isn’t easy too. You have to be mentally prepared for the intensive workout that will use a large number of muscles to get maximum benefit. Following Tabata routine will help you burn calories faster ensuring cardiovascular fitness.

How to do?

Follow the instructions in the below videos with the correct form. Do the exercise for 20 second, take  a 10 second break and start with the next exercise. After completing all the exercises, repeat the set once again. For better results, do it quickly while maintaining the correct forms.


1. Side Lunge


2. Push ups


3. Crunch Circuit



4. Burpee


These exercises are designed to benefit whole body, but you can also include any other exercises like squats, pull ups or even jumping rope.