Lovers in relationship or couples after Wedding, they often try to do something unique to show their loyal love towards their partner. They plan surprise parties, dates, extravagant gifts and what not. But nothing can create that bond stronger than a tattoo devoted to their love of life. It says loud and clear that “I am going to be there for you and with you forever”. So here we have some incredibly creative couples with cool couple tattoos that truly complement each other.


1. Small Wrist Crowns

Small Wrist Crowns

2. Her King His Queen

Her King His Queen

3. Big Wrist Crowns

Big Wrist Crowns

4. Crown at its best

Crown at its best

Lock and Key

5. Lock and Key with Ribbon

Lock and Key with Ribbon

6. Lock and Key with Pearls Chain

Lock and Key with Pearls Chain

7. Lock and Key on Ring Finger

lock and key on ring finger

Wedding Date

8. Wedding date on ring finger

Wedding date on ring finger


9. Wedding date behind Ears

Wedding date tattoos

10. Wedding date on wrist

Wedding date on wrist

Slogan Couple Tattoo

11. Always be True…Love with passion

Always be True...Love with passion

12. Love Her….Respect Him

Love Her....Respect Him

Something Different

13. Religious


14. Owl and her Tree

Owl and her Tree

15. Matching Couple Disney Tattoos

Matching Couple Disney Tattoos

16. Literal Love

Literal Love


17. Each Others Name

Each others name

18. Chess King and Queen

Chess King and Queen

19. Heartbeat


20. Angels


21. Let’s Talk

Lets talk

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