Relationships are very fragile and sensitive; they need care and time to flourish and grow. Today, it is effortless for unfaithful people in relationships to cheat on their girlfriends because of the ease of technology with which they can connect to the whole world using their smart gadgets.

Sometimes you may have come across a situation in your life where you want to be sure about your partner’s loyalty. That is why there is a need for a girl to know several ways to track their boyfriend’s without them finding out about it. It might not sound good, but think on behalf of a girl who trusts and gives her everything to her boyfriend, but in return, if he cheats and dates another girl separately, kindly imagine how a girl will feel?

If you want to know where your boyfriend was and whom he calls and texts, you can track your boyfriend’s phone using these phone tracking apps and see who he’s texting.

In such situations, it can become difficult to figure out how to track someone’s activity. Questions like reading my boyfriend’s text messages or how to monitor messages might become more and more critical.

Many tracking apps are available in the market, like Mspy, Cocospy, and many others. Today we will choose anyone between them; let’s choose Cocospy, for example, elaborate on the functions and track his phone’s activity without letting him know.

This article highlights the four practical ways to track your boyfriend’s phone without touching his phone.

Part 1: Cocospy – one of the best phone tracking app you can go for

As one of the reputed phone tracking app in the phone tracking industry, it has achieved trust itself as a reputable app. You may try Cocospy if you want a reliable and secure app. It has a good reputation from over a million users worldwide. 

Cocospy works both on iOS and Android platforms. The app delivers convenience to its users through its ability to track your target phone. With a tracking app, you can track and search multiple areas of your boyfriend’s smartphone.

1.1 Unbelievable phone tracking features 

It comes with many latest phone tracking capabilities and features. Below are some of them: 

1. Impossible to detect 

All the phone tracking activities occur under strict privacy, which is impossible to break the security. It uses minimum system resources, like phone storage and battery.

For example, on Android devices, if the app is only 3MB and takes less than 2 minutes to install. After installation, the app automatically deletes its icon.

When you are in your boyfriend’s phone tracking process, you can install the app in just one click. On the iOS platform, you can even track your boyfriend’s phone without installing the app. That’s amazing right.

2. Web-based tracking facility

It is a web-based phone tracking app that lets you track your boyfriend’s phone. You can easily track your boyfriend by using a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, and many others.

To start tracking his phone, you need to log in to your dashboard. Here, you will get all access to all his activities, from chats to real-time location.

3. For Android, no rooting and for iOS, no jail breaking required

Using the app, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or root his Android smartphone. Rooting or jail breaking any phone voids its warranty. And every company informs not to do this, else you may face security issues in the future.

Besides, jail breaking or rooting a smartphone makes tracking your boyfriend’s phone, not a good practice.

4. Outstanding phone surveillance features

It allows you to track his phone from every angle. The app will allow you to track your boyfriend’s messages and phone contacts. Also, it will enable you to track his real-time whereabouts.

You can even track every single detail made on your boyfriend’s smartphone. As well, you can track his call details, to whom he called and received calls. This permits you to know details such as call duration, the personal contact number, and the time the call was made from his phone.

Not only this, but it also allows you to track social media activities from posts to chats on his phone. This way, you will know if he is loyal or not.

To be accurate, without letting him know, the only way you can track is when he goes out without his phone, and to be frank, it’s not possible to track his phone like this, and what if he deletes all those stuff from his phone? So it’s better to choose an app and select the plan as per your requirements.

With the above information, we are sure you can track your boyfriend’s phone and check whether he is loyal to you or not, and it also gives you a peaceful mind of satisfaction in your relationship.