If you’retrying to eat healthier or just looking for an excuse to switch up things in your kitchen, now is the time to think about making some changes to your kitchen and make it a healthier kitchen. How does redesigning your kitchen help you create a healthier lifestyle? Good question. Psychologists believe that the choices you make in your kitchen can impact how healthily you eat.

Keep the TV out of the kitchen and dining area

This one is a no-brainer. We all know that eating in front of the TV distracts us from the food we intake and can lead to overeating. Why, then, do we continue to keep TVs in the kitchen? Swap out the visual entertainment for a way to play music, or even better, a smart device like Alexa. Listening to music and having the ability to change the song hands-free will keep time in the kitchen entertaining so we will be encouraged to cook at home more, but not distract us in a way that, while we’re eating, we may take in too much food.

Use smaller plates

This may be another no-brainer, but we all have been guilty of shoving as much as we can onto our plate for dinner. Instead of counting on self-control, make the switch to smaller plates so, even if you fill your plate, you’re taking in less food. Seeing the plate full tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more when you’re really eating less. If you are the type to indulge in a second helping, you will feel like you’re treating yourself but, in reality, you will probably be eating as much as a typical plate-full without all that extra guilt on top.

Easy access to healthy ingredients

Design your kitchen in a way where the unhealthy snacks, like potato chips, are stored out of sight on a high shelf. In contrast, keep healthy ingredients in an accessible location so next time you’re hungry, you think to reach for something a little better for you. Keep a fruit bowl instead of a candy bowl on your counter and when you walk by and your brain remembers you’re hungry, you’ll think to reach for an apple instead of a sweet treat.

Small appliances at the ready

I am always guilty of hiding the juicer or the blender far in the back of the bottom cabinet, the absolute most inconvenient place in the kitchen. Because of this, I am less likely to make a healthy smoothie or juice before work in the morning. Moving the blender to the window ledge was the best choice I made in my kitchen. Having the blender there, easily accessible, and as the first thing when I walk into the kitchen and look out the window in the morning is a reminder to reach for something healthy and filling instead of a cup of coffee in the morning. Keeping a slow cooker in an easy-to-access location is also a great reminder to start a healthy dinner early instead of frantically reaching for a take-out menu each evening.

Choose healthy appliances

Fitting your kitchen with appliances such as a steam oven, which steams food for healthier, more nutritious meals, makes it easier to make delicious homemade meals. A lot of newer homes on the market, for example, homes for sale in Miami, are incorporating healthier appliances into their design, which can also add to the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. Other additions such as a hot water tap can provide a simple way to brew a cup of green tea to help your stomach settle after a big meal.

With these tips, you can make your kitchen healthier. And if you take a step ahead, you can make our world a healthier place that is by  making your kitchen. Let’s be the change to bring the change.