Veneers treat cracked, gap, and discolored teeth and give you a bright and symmetrical smile. You may have considered getting veneers to fix a cosmetic problem but were deterred by the procedure’s time frame. Fortunately, another convenient option could provide instant and enviable results—same-day veneers. All you need is eligibility, a professional cosmetic dentist, and the technology.

What Are Same-Day Veneers?

Same-day veneers are thin, natural-looking porcelain coverings applied to the surface of a tooth for instant cosmetic restoration. So, if you are that person that always has a packed schedule and no time for complex procedures that require multiple visits to the dentist, then you should consider getting same-day veneers. This quick and non-invasive procedure will improve your facial appearance forever.

The Process of Getting Same-Day Veneers

Same-day veneers are only available as porcelain veneers because that is all the technology accommodates.


As with most procedures, speaking with the dentist is always the first step. Here, your dentist inquiries about habits that could affect your oral health and the likelihood of you being eligible for the procedure, such as teeth grinding. They also ask about your dental and medical history. You also get to tell the dentist the results you would like to obtain. 


The dentist checks the overall state and health of your mouth. Just like the first procedure, the assessment determines whether you are eligible to undergo the procedure. The dentist examines your mouth by checking for tooth decay and other oral problems. 

Digital impressions

Once the dentist has confirmed your eligibility, they proceed to make digital impressions of your teeth, which replace the molds used in a conventional veneer procedure. The impressions are made using a CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology; the result is a 3D image of your teeth. 


The 3D image is sent to a computer where the professional designs it to enhance your smile and facial features. The doctor designs the veneers individually, selecting fitting shapes and sizes to get the best results. 


The veneers are created with a milling machine using CAD/CAM technology. The milling machine grinds a block of dental-grade porcelain into the shape of veneers. 


The dentist scrapes off a bit of your enamel to give the veneers a more realistic effect. Following that, they disinfect the area where they would install the veneers before bonding them to the teeth. 


Porcelain veneers are famed for longevity, but you must take good care of them to ensure they live out their lifespan. You should

  • Cut down on smoking and drinking coffee and wine because they could stain the veneers.
  • Avoid chewing your fingernails and hard objects because it could weaken or destroy the veneers.
  • If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), you may need a retainer or bite guard.
  • Try to do most of your chewing with your back teeth.

Why Should You Choose Same-Day Veneers?

Generally, veneers are great for fixing several smile concerns and giving you a more confident smile. However, there are same-day veneers with several added perks thanks to technology.

Better Convenience

You can get same-day veneers done in a matter of hours, in contrast to the average three-week period it takes to install regular veneers. Also, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of temporary veneers, which may include discomfort while eating and speaking, a restricted diet, and hypersensitivity. With same-day veneers, there is nothing like temporary veneers.

Easy Adjustments

The veneers will be custom-designed on all levels to fit your teeth perfectly, including shapes, sizes, and colors. The process is to give you what you want, so if anything isn’t to your liking, it can be easily adjusted during the same appointment.

More Budget-Friendly

Getting veneers might not be the cheapest procedure. However, if you take out the need for temporary veneers and multiple appointments, it should reduce the costs.

Swift Process

It is said that you can transform your smile with same-day veneers during your lunch break. An exaggeration, but the procedure is quick; everything, including the on-site fabrication and the fitting, can be done in about three hours.

Get the Smile of Your Dream

 Maybe you have a busy life, or the thought of many visits to the hospital or even anxiety has deterred you from getting veneers done; you don’t have to worry about those factors anymore. Same-day veneers are painless and quick. It also eliminates all your fears, making it easier to go for that million-dollar smile. Also, porcelain veneers have the most natural-looking aesthetic, so everything is in place for you to own the look.


Now, it is easier to have a healthier and prettier smile. With the aid of technology, the procedure of getting veneers has been simplified. If you can afford to, visit a dentist today!