That time of day when your energy levels are running low and concentration waning, restoration is necessary. Well, usually people de-stress through a cup of hot coffee or listen to their favorite music but have hardly thought of yoga for a jolt of energy at first place. To cope up with stress and boost energy naturally, yoga can be the ideal way. As it not only relieve stress and anxiety but also improve sleep quality. So, consider these Yoga poses to restore energy quickly.

Why is relaxation important?

Did you know even our heart rests between beats? Nature has made the human body to perform activities with appropriate rest. Every activity in our day-to-day life should be followed with an interval of rest. Continued tension of the muscular and nervous system undermines our health. Moreover, a yoga student should also remember that after the asanas practice, an appropriate amount of relaxation is crucial for the body. For those experiencing persistent back pain or spinal issues, consulting a spine specialist can provide targeted relief alongside these yoga practices. Here’s a list of relaxation yoga poses, which should be done consciously.

Do’s of every posture

Just focus on relaxation and let the thoughts pass by.

Keep your back in one straight line.

Spread your legs comfortably apart and arms away from your body.

Avoid moving any part of your body and make sure to keep your eyes closed.

Don’ts of your every posture

Do not go off to sleep. It is a conscious relaxation technique.

1. Shavasana (corpse/dead body pose)


Direction:  Lie down on your back with legs and hands comfortably apart. This may look one of the easiest yoga pose to get into, but one needs to pay attention to each body part, breath normally and relax with every exhalation.  It relieves physical strain and also calms your mind down.

Benefits: Relaxes entire nervous system.

A great stress buster and releases your tiredness. This posture improves functioning of your brain.

10 minutes of this posture with conscious awareness of each body part can restore your drained energy.


2. Dradhasana (firm pose)


Direction:  Lie either on left or right side in a straight line, make a pillow of your one hand and keep your other hand straightened over your thighs.

Benefits: This posture facilitates breathing correctly and it also allows body to be completely relaxed.

3. Makarasana (crocodile pose)


Direction:  Lie down on your stomach with your legs comfortably apart. Ensure that the heels of the feet touch corner of your yoga mat. Fold your hands in front of your face and place either side of the cheek over it. Relax with every exhalation and breathe normally.

Benefits: You can cure all the stress-related disease with this posture.

You can get a deep relaxation to your shoulders and spine which is usually ignored parts of our bodies.


4. Balasana (Child’s pose)


Direction:  Kneel on your mat, touch your toes together and comfortably sit on your heels and bend down like a child with your hands stretched out in front.

Benefits: Relieves stress and fatigue.

It can ease your back and neck pain.

It can calm your brain down.

So, next time when you get home tired and frustrated. Do all the above-mentioned yoga poses to relieve your stress and rejuvenate your body.