Do you follow at least one healthy girl on Instagram? By healthy, we mean women who do fitness and yoga, exercise, follow a diet, run in the morning, and use professional cosmetics to take care after their skin. Such women read smartbooks and have handsome boyfriends. Their pictures look perfect without any pimple. They never have problems with self-esteem and lead a happy life. Such women take good care of themselves. Even though much of Instagram content is faked, there is still some value it can give: to be happy, you need to be healthy, which means that you need to change something in your lifestyle.

Top Recommendations for Women`s Health  

If you have ever written an essay in Biology as a student (or at least you ordered paper help reading such resources as scamfighter), you should know about the privilege of women in giving birth and care to a child. But except for this important function of their bodies, women have to watch their health for a number of other reasons: for example, to stay beautiful, young, confident, and happy. You don`t necessarily have to become a sports fan and keep a strict diet, but following a few simple principles, you can improve your health and become a better person. 

Here is what you can do if you want to get your life on track and feel fabulous and energized: 

Plan Ahead

It is always easier to plan your activities for a week than try to fit everything in one day. You don`t have to create a set schedule, but a little plan will work out well. For example, you can pick days for the gym, decide what products you need to buy now in order not to visit a supermarket every day, get an appointment for manicure or cosmetologist, etc.;

Never Compare

This is the basics of forming healthy self-esteem. By comparing yourself to other more successful people, you feel jealousy, envy, and sad, which doesn`t make you any good. So next time you wish to become someone else, remind yourself about your best traits;


Working out regularly is the key to building a healthy body. It has already been proved that just 20 minutes a day can help you stay fit while going to the gym will increase your chances of losing weight and get in perfect shape. There is nothing hard in this: from your side, you have to motivate yourself and make it a habit;

Choose an Activity

If you don`t like running and gyms don`t attract you, then you can substitute it with any other activity: walking, dancing, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc. Sports help you not only keep fit but sleep better, feel more energetic, it increases your self-confidence and memory functions (and these are just some of its benefits for your health);

Be Grateful

Not only when somebody does you a favor, but just try to be grateful in general. For example, before going to sleep, thank God that you are alive, healthy, you have a job, friends, etc. These actions can reduce the state of depression and improve your mood;

Do Yoga

To be happy, you need to find balance in your life, and yoga is one of the most effective methods in getting this balance. Practicing at least a few times a week, you will feel better, more relaxed, and stronger. We recommend trying fly yoga to diversify your activities;

Eat Healthily

There is no need for a strict diet, which makes you feel hungry and angry. Just try to reduce the amount of sugar, alcohol, and junk food in your life, and you will see the changes very quickly. Plan your meals beforehand, include more fruits and vegetables during the day, drink juices and don`t forget about nuts and cheese which make perfect snacks;

Reduce Stress

Easier said than done, but you should remember that the more you stress out, the more chances are that you will get any mental health issues, which may lead to your physical health getting worse. Define what stress triggers you have and try to remove at least some;

Pick the Right Care

It is important to carefully choose not only what goes into your body, but also what goes on it. A healthy body requires healthy skin, so you should buy good shampoos, lotions, and other supplies that don`t contain any harmful and toxic ingredients. You can consult your cosmetologist on what cosmetics will fit your skin type better;


Every child knows that our bodies are made of water, so we will only repeat the general rule: the more water you drink, the better for you. It helps to keep our body and skin healthy, so having a water bottle always next to you will help you develop another useful habit;

Sleep Well

Many women neglect this step: they spend sleepless nights when studying, taking care of babies or working, and the lack of sleep may lead to negative consequences for health. At least 6-8 hours of regular night`s sleep will reduce your strive to eat junk food, increase your brain functions and bring you in a better mood in general;

Listen to Yourself

Think about why you envy those healthy girls. What do they have that you don`t? Then listen to yourself: what do you really want? Ignoring your needs, you make yourself vulnerable and not happy, and happiness is one of the components of being healthy. To find the energy and feel great, take care of yourself. It may be some activity or hobby you have always wanted to try new clothes, new haircut, a trip to another country, etc.;

Learn to Say No

Many women take too much responsibilities and chores just because they are afraid to say no. This skill is, for some reason, one of the hardest, but it doesn`t make it less important. By saying no to things you are not okay with you will feel better;

See a Doctor

If you want to lose weight, see a nutritionist. If you feel depressed, consult a psychologist. If you have skin problems, see a cosmetologist. Never leave it to disappear on its own, take care of yourself and your health. There is nothing to be ashamed of.