A good homemade makeup remover is so essential after treating your skin with all the harsh chemicals that are present in your cosmetics. With the makeup on for the  whole day your skin gets dull and requires proper care at night. And if you again go for cosmetic makeup remover, it can strip your skin of essential oils and often cause allergic reactions such as redness and dryness because of the alcohol content in it. Whereas natural makeup remover is a great option that gently cleanses your skin and efficiently removes makeup without irritating your skin.

All you need is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Water for making your own perfect  makeup remover.


  home made makeup remover olive oil

Using extra virgin olive oil is recommended as it comes from the first cold pressing of the olives and will have the most benefits. With each press (virgin olive oil, olive oil) it loses these benefits.

homemade makeup remover-aloe vera water

Aloe Vera soothes skin with a lot of other skin benefits.

Check this video to DIY your homemade makeup remover by Michelle Phan.



So, DIY your homemade makeup remover, save some money, ditch the toxins and easily maintain your beautiful skin!