Who doesn’t want to wake up flawless! Take a little care, pamper yourself and follow few steps to get that radiant skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, soft hands and more. The thing is while you slumber, your skin rejuvenates and hence if you take proper care before you sleep, it will speed up the process which will help you wake up beautiful everyday. So, whether or not you are amongst the one who doesn’t get enough time during the day, you must follow these overnight beauty tips!

1. Soft And Smooth Feet

More or less we do take out some time to take care of our face but we often forget the most affected feet. It is preferable to clean your feet first so as to get rid of germs and odor. For that, soak your feet in warm water (7 – 8 cups) to which add about 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar as it will help reducing the bacteria count and subsequently the odor. Now, apply Vaseline to the sole of your feet and then put on socks before going to sleep. Vaseline will heal your cracked heels leaving it soft and smooth.

2. Cure Puffy Eyes

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is a good 6-8 hours sleep. Where there could be other reasons of puffy eyes like allergy, genetics or late nights. Keep cooled Tea bags on your eyes for 10-15 minutes as it will help keep fluids moving or you can apply eye cream that has caffeine as one of its ingredients.

Don’t sleep with your face facing the pillow!

3. Soft Lips

 Wearing lipstick all day long can make your lips dark and dry. So, you need to do something for chapped lips before going to sleep and that is moisturize. You can use the one and only petroleum jelly – Vaseline to get soft and beautiful lips.

4. Moisturize

Using lotion can only provide temporary solution. Rather use Olive Oil, a natural moisturizer that contains monounsaturated fat, which hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy film behind. Pour few drops of Olive Oil on your palm and apply all over your clean hands. Wake up with smooth and soft hands!


5. Younger Looking Skin

Prefer a Silk or Satin pillow and avoid using cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillows can cause creases and create wrinkles on your skin while Silk which is natural, hypoallergenic and compatible to human skin helps prevent wrinkles.

It also prevents hair breakage. So, have one today!

6.Teeth Whitening

Baking Soda is an easy teeth whitening treatment. It is mildly abrasive; gently scrub and leave it for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards. It is recommended during night time as you are not eating anything, thus letting it work effectively. But make sure to scrub your teeth once in a week or else it can affect your tooth enamel.

7. Brighten Skin

Working whole day makes skin dry and dull. Night time is when you as well as your skin relaxes. It’s best to apply any face products that have brightening ingredients like retinol and vitamin C in them at night. Sunlight can actually deactivate them and prevent them from working to their fullest potential.

Besides being exposed to sunlight can cause damage to your skin and make it dry as well. To keep your skin hydrated you should use skincare products that have natural and organic components. Natural-based products can help you avoid skin rashes and keep your skin glowing. You can use such natural products as goat milk soaps or coconut moisturizers. They contain elements that keep your skin moisturized and using such beauty products will brighten and moisturize your skin.

8. Lengthen Lashes And Thick Eyebrows

Get beautiful, thick and lengthen lashes with just one magic ingredient, Castor Oil! Apply this natural oil on your lashes before going to bed which is rich in super-hydrating omega-6 fatty acids and help moisturizes while also making your lashes strong.

Castor Oil works equally for thin and sparse eyebrow. Apply it regularly. It serves a great remedy to get thick eyebrows.


9. Hair Care

Apply a leave-in conditioner over your tresses for silky and shiny hair. Or else, opt for the one you already know, Hot Oil Treatment! You can use a blend of Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, it is great and definitely works for all type of hair problems.

10. Nail Care

This is the best time to repair brittle and weak nails. Wash your hands and dip your nails in warm water with lemon juice in it to remove the accumulated dirt. Now, apply Vaseline or Olive Oil into the cuticles and nails. This will moisturize and strengthen your nails.