Winters are here and so are the skin problems – Dry skin, Dandruff, Cracked heels and Chapped lips. But not to worry when we are here to rescue all your problems. The very common problem that everyone faces during winter is dried and chapped lips which is very irritating. As the skin of your lips is very thin it needs most care.

The basic reason behind dry lips is the cold weather that takes away all the moisture and licking lips makes it worse. Other reasons could be using lipsticks regularly or smoking.

dry lips

But to treat them you don’t need to spend on lip balms and other chemical products that ultimately harm your lips. Rather opt for home remedies for dry lips that will moisturize and nourish them. And its not that tough to replenish the lost moisture externally and get smooth and nourished lips at home.


Before following these remedies wash your hands else the dirt of your hands will leave behind bacteria, which then could aggravate chapped lips problem. Also, clean your lips with rose water or simply lukewarm water to remove the impurities if any. So, here are few very effective home remedies to keep your lips moisturized and nourished throughout the season.

    1. Take few drops of lemon and mix it with 1 tsp of crystal sugar. Now, rub the mixture slowly and gently on your lips to remove the dead cells from your lips. Then apply milk cream to moisturize your dry lips. Lemon also helps lighten the dark lips.


    1. You can apply honey and milk cream to smoothen and moisturize your lips. Take half tsp each. Blend the ingredients and apply this sweet lip pack over your lips. After 5 minutes, rinse it off. It moisturizes and makes your lips soft and cracked free instantly.


    1. Coconut oil is a magical ingredient! Good for your hair, skin and even your lips! It acts as a nourishing moisturizer and will give you cracked free lips. Massage with coconut oil over your dry and cracked lips with clean finger.


    1. Now this treatment is really easy as well as effective. Extract vitamin E Oil from the vitamin E capsules. It is easily available in the market. Apply this oil daily over your lips using your Q tip before going to bed. This vitamin oil is best natural moisturizer for your lips and will also remove tan within a week.


  1. If you want even easier remedy that need no efforts at all then apply ghee on your lips. Apply it whenever you want and let it stay if you want natural gloss. It will heal your dry lips making them soft.

Try these home remedies for dry lips and bid adieu to chapped lips all this winter!