Skincare is now becoming a priority for many people. That’s why some people follow a multi-step skincare routine that works for their unique needs. One can even consider skincare a trend, especially on the internet.   

When you go on the internet, videos of celebrity skincare routines are becoming viral on different websites and social media platforms. Because of this, many people are more curious about moisturizers, essences, toners, and other skincare products that they could try out to care for and improve their complexion.   

One skincare product that’s currently making waves is facial oil. With its many benefits and versatility, it’s understandable why more people integrate facial oils into their daily and nightly skincare routine. But to understand why facial oils are good for your skin, here are the benefits below.   

1. It Hydrates Your Skin

The body needs to stay hydrated to function properly and to stay healthy. The skin is one part of the body that can easily change depending on hydration levels. For example, if your skin is well moisturized, it looks more plump, glowing, and healthy. But if it’s dehydrated, it can look dull, ashy, scaly, and even start to form cracks around it.   

That is why using facial oil is beneficial, especially for those who have dry skin. Unlike the usual moisturizers, facial oil can be intensely moisturizing. It is because oils penetrate the skin better. It dissolves into the skin’s lipids.   

2. It’s Easier To Target Specific Skin Conditions  

Depending on what kind of benefits you’re looking for, there’s a specific skin oil that you could use. It makes it easier to target skin problems and take care of your skin the best way.  

One of the best skin oils on the market is jojoba oil. Aside from its hydrating properties, it’s also antifungal and antibacterial, so it helps clear up the skin of any bacteria or fungi that can cause skin problems. It’s also rich in vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant. But these are only some of the unique benefits of jojoba facial oils.   

Another popular one is tea tree oil because of its effectiveness in treating dry skin and eczema. Besides, irritations and itchiness can be one of the most annoying skin problems anyone can deal with. Apply tea tree oil to help relieve inflammation, redness, and itchiness for a simple solution.   

Research on the different kinds of facial oils and their various functions can help you match them to your needs and what you want to achieve for your skin. So instead of going for products that ‘claim’ or ‘promise’ all kinds of effects, looking for oils known to have these properties can be more straightforward.   

3. Oils Can Protect Your Skin  

As mentioned before, oils are lipophilic, which means that it dissolves into the skin’s natural lipids. Because of this, only water and other moisturizing properties will be trapped inside. At the same time, toxins and other pollutants are kept out. So if you live in a city or spend time in places where you’re exposed to smog and all kinds of pollutants, using a facial oil can help strengthen your skin’s barrier.  

4. Facial Oils Can Reduce Wrinkles  

It’s easy to get wrinkles if you don’t protect your skin from ultraviolet light. So, it’s crucial to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen with the right SPF for your skin type to protect yourself and prevent wrinkles.   

But this might not be enough, so adding some facial oils rich in antioxidants can help your skin deal with sun damage and dryness. Some great oils for wrinkles are rosehip oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, and argan oil.  

5. It’s Non-comedogenic  

Certain products can cause your pores to become enlarged and also clog them. Many facial oils tend to be non-comedogenic, which means that these products won’t cause pore blockages. It’s essential to look for products like this because blocked pores can lead to acne, which can be another skin problem to deal with later on.   

Here are a few of the best non-comedogenic facial oils to use:  

  • Rosehip oil  
  • Jojoba oil  
  • Evening primrose oil  
  • Grapeseed oil  
  • Argan oil  

6. It’s Can Help Reduce Acne  

Some facial oils can help avoid acne because they’re non-comedogenic. But some are also terrific for dealing with zits. Using a bit of tea tree oil on a pimple can help it disappear sooner. On the other hand, jojoba oil is also fantastic for reducing sebum and enhancing oil production on the skin. These can significantly reduce and avoid acne.   

7. Oils Can Be Used For Different Parts Of Your Skin Care Routine  

One of the best things about facial oils is that they can be used for different skincare routine steps. There are facial oils specifically made for taking off makeup, and some can be used to wash your face. At the same time, some are also used in serums, essences, moisturizers, and more. Some facial oils are great as primers for makeup wearers because they help your makeup application easier and more beautiful. Overall, it’s pretty versatile since it is used as an ingredient for many skincare products.   

8. A Little Bit Goes A Long Way  

Unlike other skincare products, oil can last you for a while. Face washes and moisturizers tend to run out rather quickly, and they can get expensive. Switching to oil can help you stretch out your products better because a little bit goes a long way.  

You wouldn’t have to squeeze out too much oil to get its benefits. Just a few drops are usually more than enough for one application. It means that you wouldn’t have to worry about running out immediately, and you can save your money.   


Facial oils are great for the skin because different oils have multiple benefits. Oils are hydrating, and they can help protect your skin from toxins. And it’s also easier to make a unique combination of oils depending on your skin’s specific needs because each type of oil has unique properties and ingredients that can target different skin problems.