Aloe vera is an amazing plant. Using aloe vera for skin and hair has its own benefits. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents which will not harm your skin in any way and suits to major skin types. Apart from that it is rich in malic acid, vitamins and beta carotene all of which in one is a great thing for your skin. You’ll definitely find this one crazy plant as a solution to most of your skin and hair problems.

Aloe vera For Skin

1. Apply aloe vera gel as a moisturizer

Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti-aging qualities. It moisturizes the skin without making it greasy. It is great for all skin types. Apply it on your face, and gently massage with it. Wash off after some 10 minutes.


2. Great solution for acne and pimples

 Aloe vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents which enable you to reduce the acne. It is also rich in polysaccharides which stimulate new cell growth. This, in turn, prevents scars and quickens the acne healing process.

It also helps you get rid of any blemishes that your acne has left. Thus, evens out your skin tone.

3. Helps soothe sun burnt skin

The anti-inflammatory aloe vera reduces the redness of skin due to sun exposure. For sunburn, prepare aloe vera ice cubes, it will be more effective and relaxing.

4. Heals cuts and insect bites

Applying aloe vera on any cuts or insect bite soothes it and the antibacterial property of the plant doesn’t let it get infected. It also provides relief from pain, redness, inflammation or itching.

5. Reduce stretch marks

The healing and soothing properties of aloe vera also aids in reducing stretch marks as it helps in increasing the cell growth. For noticeable results massage with aloe vera gel regularly over the affected skin.

6. Heals cracked heel

Yes, it can also treat your cracked heels and make it baby soft. Apply fresh aloe vera gel after soaking feet in lukewarm water to treat the problem of cracked heel. It is even better if you apply the gel before going to bed.

7. Aloe vera for reducing Wrinkles

The aloe vera plant also contains malic acid which helps you get rid of those lines of aging. It reduces wrinkles by improving the elasticity of your skin and keeps your skin hydrated.

8. To reduce puffiness around the eyes

Apart from keeping wrinkles at bay, aloe vera is also effective in reducing puffiness around the eyes as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

So, apply aloe vera gel on the area under your eyes and it will improve blood circulation and flush out the fluids around the eyes which helps in reducing swelling.

Aloe vera For Hair

9. As a conditioner for your hair and scalp

The aloe vera gel is great for your hair and scalp. You can apply it directly and let it stay for 20-30 minutes, and then wash it off.

Aloe vera removes the dead cells (i.e dandruff) from your scalp and thus promotes hair growth. It basically maintains the pH balance of your scalp which is often unbalanced due to the harsh chemicals present in your shampoo and other hair products.

10. Adds luster to dry and damaged hair

If your hair is dry and damaged, try aloe vera. Use it regularly for few months for deep conditioning and you’ll see the difference.

Oiling your hair before shampoo is something you should include in your routine. And to treat dry and damaged hair effectively, try the aloe vera recipe. Take coconut oil and blend it with aloe vera gel in 1:3 proportions and add bit of lemon juice to it. Apply and leave this concoction for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with your shampoo. It will solve your hair problems of damaged hair and dandruff while also nourishing and promoting hair growth.


So, grow aloe vera at home and reap the amazing benefits of this cosmetic herb. After all, aloe vera for skin and hair is not harmful and doesn’t have any side effects like that of many chemical products we apply to get rid of skin problems.

And once you’ll try this gel, you’re gonna love it!